Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Indie Polish Haul: Lynnderella, Crows Toes, Hit Polish, Rainbow Polish, & Polish Revolution

Since I'm fairly a newbie to the Awesome World of Nail Polish...
I am also very green about Indie Polishes. 
But, DAMN am I making up for it with the quickness! 

EEEEKKK so excited to share this with you all!

This is a Cool Haul, that I accumulated over a few just in case ya'll were thinking, "Daaamn, Girrrl!", I didn't OD in one day or week! Ohhhh, but I SOOOO WOULD!!!

I hunted these polishes down as I learned about all these funky brands from TPF, and stalked my prey like the tigress that I am. Finally, when the time was right, I pounced...Now look, how deliciously fabulous are my prey?! Can I get an AMEN! lolol I'm retarded.

If you know me from TPF, you know I'm obsessed with get ready, because this post is a little picture heavy!!! My bad, ya'll. lol You love it! (Click on Pics for Larger Images! Glitterytastic)

My first Indies everrrrr, Rainbow Polish: Medicated and Taffy
These polishes make me think of candy...deliciously yummy candy.

Next up, Hit Polish (products of D & R Apothecary): Autumn Leaves, Nautical Non-Sense, Vamp (mini), Vintage Appeal (mini), Bourbon St (mini), Big Top (mini), and Appreciation (mini).

I bought 3 mini bottles of Vamp cuz it's Damn HAUTE and the full size was sold out. 
Appreciation was a special gift for certain orders at the time of my purchase this summer.

My first EVER Llarowe Order. LOOOVE this site! Of course I had to get some Crows Toes!  
Here we have, I Make the PathGomez, and Morticia
Morticia is devilishly sexy, but of course, Cara Mìa. 
I Make the Path is one of my all-time favorite glitterbombs--like majestic seashells! 
All are Absolutely Wonderful!

Got a little shimmer from Glimmer by Erica
Princess DiscoTreasure Chest, and I Heart You.
I just had to get Princess Disco as a shout-out to my TPF alter-ego! WOOT WOOT!!! 
These are three Fantabulous Glitterbombs!

I can pretend to be a little rebel with Polish Revolution: Oh My Goth  and Handies in the Andes .

Love the mixture of a gray base, black hearts, and purple hex glitter in Oh My Goth. But let's talk about Handies in the Andes...Ummm...say what? The very first thing I thought about were hand-jobs. And you know what this looks like on the nail, don't you?...a little bit of boy loving with glitter confection on top! What a tease! Especially with the thickish way it applies to the nail, thick and translucent in some spots...Andes...hmm? Now I'm thinking mint chocolate, as in Thin Mints...thus the mint-flavored colored cum? I'm so confused, and yet...very excited? Handies in the Andes is a winner for me.

Now for the First Indie Polish Haul Finale! lol OH SNAP!

Lynnderella, Lynderella!!!!! My dear dear Lynderella! How I love thee...sss...these?

My first ever Lynderella's: 
Gotta Love Brains, Change, She Lived in a Swamp, Deep Blue Seeing, 
Golden Rules, and 50 Shades of Maybe!!! 


These polishes are ALL a dream come true. They are created like little masterpieces. 
The glitter combinations are unbelievable. I'm stunned every single time! 
Glitter Polish DOES NOT get better than THIS. Lynnderella knows her shit. 
Don't sleep on her polishes people. Go here to Lynnderella's Ebay Store.

That's all folks! 
I'm going to make some glitterbombs now...
Adieu my cheries. I hope to catch you lovies again soon!!!

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