Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick-OR-Trickinggg. Lynnderella "Change" & China Glaze "Papaya Punch", Rebecca Minkoff Purple Patent MAB & Milk Money Cheeky Pouch

She Works Hard for the Money...
So Hard for it, HONEY! 
She Works Hard for the Money, 
So You Better TREAT Her Riiiiight!!!! 
(I love & miss you, Donna Summer! Fabulous Biotch!)

Throw me some change, ya'll...
cuz I have rent to pay. I'm WORKIN it, BABY!

Let me introduce to you, Lynnderella CHANGE. It's STUNNNNNING!!! Within this dazzling glitterbomb is an awesome blend of golden glitters: large and small hexagonal and square gold and silver glitters, with various shapes of copper, metallic green, and orange glitters. All of which are swimming in a sea of super fine golden microglitter. Absolutely an artful nail polish masterpiece! I will HAVE to get a back up bottle, because this baby is going to be decking out my nails PLENTY!!!


Layered over China Glaze Papaya PunchThis is a Super Juicy Bite into a Scrumptious Papaya...Mmmm...DELICIOSO! Papaya is a smooth yellow orange cream.

Let's begin with Papaya Punch! Ooohhh YESSSSS!!!

Gorgeous Fuzziness!!!

And the topper...the Walker of the Streets...CH-CH-CHANGE!!!!! 

I'm OBSESSED with purses and LOVE pairing my manicures with my pocketbooks. 
Mostly I wear Rebecca Minkoff, one of my favorite contemporary designers. 
Here is my Halloween Trickin' mani with RM Purple Patent MAB (Morning After Bag), 
a beautiful distressed, deep purple patent leather with gorgeous light gold Signature (Siggie) Hardware. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Swirl Exclusive RM Milk Money Pouch...divine.


Ladies, if you haven't already...BUY THIS ISH NOW! Lynnderella polishes are one of my MOST Favorite glitter polishes EVER! Shop her ebay store: Lynnderella-Lynnderella...Paul, (Lynn's brother), is super duper sweet! You will get your goodies extremely well packaged, individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in sandwich baggies incase of any breakage during delivery. Always perfection from Lynnderella, from the artistic glitter creations, to the customer service, all the way down to the packaging and fast delivery. Flawless. I'm highly impressed by this polish.


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