Friday, November 30, 2012

Wrap Me Up, Love... Picture Polish "Splendour" & China Glaze "Velvet Bow"

 This Mani is Good-2-Go! 
(lolol, I'm so corny, I crack myself up!)

China Glaze 
 Velvet Bow 
a velvety soft, deep burgundy creme polish.
Picture Polish 

a multi-color flakie polish in clear base 
whose flakes shift in color from 
yellow to orange to orange-red to green 
and back again!!!

Velevet Bow is a little thick, 
but a little polish thinner will fix that easily. 
Application is near full coverage in one layer. 
Some streaking, but a second layer makes it perfect.

 A Simple Velvety Creme Polish becomes Transformed 
with a Multi-Colored Flakie:


 Splendour applies easily,
with PLENTY of flakies on the brush
for near full coverage with one layer.

Fuzzy Brilliance!!!!!



Bye-bye lovies!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CARA MIA!!! Crows Toes "Morticia"

Gomez Addams Hit the Right Notes 

When He Expressed His Love 

for the INFAMOUS...


is a sexy glitters polish made of
silver large and small hex glitters, black medium and small hex glitters, 
silver holographic small hex glitters, red small and ultra fine hex glitters, 
and black small bar glitters! 
All in a clear base!!! 


Layered over 2 Coats of Nicole by OPI (NOPI) OMB! 

  C A R Ì!!! 


 Cheetah Cove

Rebecca Minkoff   Cheetah Covet  with Tory Burch Flats 

Buenos Noches, mis amores!!!