Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! Butter London "Come to Bed Red" & Hit Polish "Go Red for Women"

Who Else Was Gravely Disappointed 
in the Lack of Sexy, Strong, Male Sailors 
Running Amock in NYC?

Fleet Week was Cancelled for the first time in 30 years!!! 
God-damn Budget Cuts!!!
No tight buns in well-fitted uniforms for me to gaze at...Shucks!


to the past and present 
Men & Women In Arms
who have risked their lives to allow the 
rest of us civilians to live life comfortably,
without fear of our nation falling to another.

I have a mani for ya'll for Memorial Day.


butter LONDON
Come To Bed Red
Hit Polish
Go Red for Women

Hit Polish
Go Red for Women

is a spectacular, golden GLITTERBOMB 
with cascading red brightness throughout, and sprinkled with pinkish-red hearts!!!

And When the Two Combine...




So Spectacular it 








Close Up of Glitterasticness!!!

This was when I initially completed this mani.

I Hope You've Enjoyed That!!!
Take Good Care & Be Safe this Weekend!!!

Many Hugs!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Missing My Cousin. With Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah MAC & Henri Bendel Feather Headband

And Celebrating Her Life 

with Family, Friends...and...

Rebecca Minkoff 

 Cheetah Mini MAC 

Freshening Up in the Restroom

 Cheetah Mini MAC 

OPI My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours

Thanks for visiting...Laterzzz!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Making Smiles Whenever I Can. With Rebecca Minkoff Purple Haze MAM & Cheeky Pouches

With Phi Phi

My Bag of the Day

Rebecca Minkoff
Purple Haze Morning After Mini (MAM)

Purple Haze Zip MAM on my way to Brooklyn on Saturday. 
It just so happens that when I was gifted this beautiful bag for my birthday by my boyfriend, I immediately named my bag, "Phi Phi", after my cousin Pheiona because when I saw it, my cousing popped into my head. This color reminded me of her so much:
Resilient, Understated, Beautiful & Wild...
So, I wore this bag to celebrate Phi Phi's life this past weekend.

My Boyfriend treated me to a manicure while hanging out in Williamsburg.
Cocoro, a super cute hair salon with an adorable nail salon/mini-spa up stairs. 

Cocoro is located at 126 North 6th Street off Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.
This nail salon is clean & fresh, and the employees are adorable sweet. I was greeted by everyone with such genuine cheerfulness, and they were so open to me as I asked various questions about the type of polishes they used, their cleaning methods, etc. I was very pleased with this nail salon. 

When I decided to stay, I was offered a beverage, 
and was served green tea and a hershey chocolate. Yum! Two of my most favorite things!

My manicure's base is a shade from the OPI Euro Central Collection, Spring 2013.
The base is: My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours. This is the color I looked forward to THE MOST from this collection, because orange-reds go so lovely with my skin-tone. However, this polish fell short of my expectations. I thought it was going to be bright, vibrant...but it was slightly dull, and unimpressive. I still enjoyed it though. 

Over the base, Stella, the fabulous technician and the salon's nail-art pro, drew a flower on my ring fingers as an accent. Then brushed the accent nails with a polish that looked a lot like China Glaze Fairy Dust, but not as fine in size. It was an Essie brand polish, with larger glitter particles than CG Fairy Dust. (When I got home, I layered the accent fingers with one coat of Fairy Dust, since the glitter the manicurist put on was sparse, just to give it some more "Oomph!".) To my amazement, Stella used the actual brush that comes in the polish to make them! She didn't use a nail-art brush, or use a plate and air-brush. All of her nail art, she does by hand!!! Extremely impressive. This woman has major skills. I looked at a lot of the nail art she has on display, as well as those she was currently working on as I walked into the salon. 
I will be back...again and again!



Eating off 28th Street and 6th, 
at a cute little brick-oven, artisan flat bread pizza joint...

Later...Getting some juice at a Bagel Shop

Waiting for the L Train...

Late Night Impromptu Photo-Shoot!!!

What's in My Bag?

"Fashion Slave" Cory Pouch (mini-perfume bottle, eye-drops, purse-hanger, cuticle creme)
"Dress Up Fund" Cory Pouch (lipstick, lipgloss, mini-eyeliner, mini-mascara)
Junior Drake Zip Wallet (money/card/junk receipts)

Cheers, Lovies!!!