Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy New Year, Folks!!!! China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" & Lynnderella "Golden Rules"

So, It's a New Year...Yet Again! lol 

I spent the holidays in the country with my boyfriend and his super loving family.
I hope many of you were able to have a lovely holiday, keeping warm and full of joy!

What good is any holiday without 
Fun Manis, Yummy Treats, and HOT Purse-Lovin' ?!!!

Now, I'd like to preface this possible atrocity to photography by stating the obvious: 
I am not one to be very professional with my photographs. 
And I CANNOT Self-Edit. I Just Can't. 
I take a Thousand Pictures of the Same Thing 
because I LOVE It!

I take them in the moment, whenever the feeling strikes, which means, 
my pictures are usually not well thought out (lolol), no balance of composition, possible blurriness (which i love with crazy awesome manis, like holos!), 
and definitely no special skills required. 

I point and shoot...mainly with my Blackberry! 
So, sorry if it offends you that many of these pics will look "amatuer-ish." 
Some people are just assholes about that sort of thing, so I'm nipping it in the bud!

But HEY, That's the Way I Fuckin Roll!!!!!
OMFG i'm so retarded.

Let's start out with my X-Mas Manicure
China Glaze RUBY PUMPS!!!

Waiting for the F train, 
On the Way to Port Authority to Catch my Bus Upstate!


Ruby Pumps is gorgoeus red wine glitter polish,
 infused with red micro glitters in a burgundy base. 
Holiday Perfection.

Talk about SEX-AAAAY!

This is 3 coats of CG Ruby Pumps on it's own,
 with two coats of Seche Vite for an ultra gloss.

Sprucing up in the restroom between bus changes!

My Trusty Travel Companion for My Usual Daily Grind:
Treesje Port Travel Tote in Gunmetal 
with Gunmetal Hardware

 Even when I don't carry an RM bag, I always have my 
Rebecca Minkoff Mustard Croc Tassel hanging from this Treesje bag 24/7.

I got this tassel for $5 at my first RM SS, in Fall 2011. 
It has Antique Silver Hardware.

My (extremely worn-in) Rebecca Minkoff Lolita make-up case.

My Go-To Lip Glosses: 
Korres Cherry Lipgloss in Orange
Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Wild Rose
Lancome Lip Color in Plum Savvy


When I arrived...Chris had these yummy Glass Candy-Cookies ready for me to devour...They were made with sugar cookies and life savers. It was his first time, and because I'm an excellent girlfriend (LOL--snort!), I will tell you that they were DELICIOUSSS...but not really...Oops! 

A+ for Effort! 
Not very appetizing, but they look fun, that's for sure!


My boyfriend decided we were going to make PEPPERMINT BARK! WOOT!!!
And it's perfect for me to help with because there is NO BAKING AT ALL!!!

My Sticky Fingers LOOOVE to Burn Food.
It happens so frequently, I think I am genetically pre-disposed to malfunction near ovens. 

Unfortunately, we ate up a lot of the White Chocolate chips and barely had enough! lololol 
We're Greedy...No Shame in Our Game.

When a Bookstore at a local mall was closing down upstate, 
Chris and I got awesome cookbooks! Including this baby!
Bon Appètit Desserts 
We got our Bark recipe from here!

LOL to the Almost Empty bag of White Chocolate Chips...
So, WHO was the Fast Ass that Ate ALL of these? Hmmmm....Anyone?

I skipped a few steps...

Melted first batch of white chocolate, spread on pan, spread peppermint pieces, 

Melt milk chocolate, spread, refrigerate...


Needless to say, Chris, his parents, and I, gobbled these sweet yumms DOWN!
The Peppermint Bark didn't last too long, and why should it! 

That's what you call: SHAMELESSNESS


I AMPED UP my X-mas Mani 
cuz it was getting old and worn.

It's a BONAFIDE FIESTA when I added
Lynnderella GOLDEN RULES!!!

A DYNAMITE Glitter Polish 
filled with small & large hex glitters, star glitters, and bar glitters. 
All are holographic and gold glitters in a clear base! 


Holographic GOODNESS!!!!

I wondered around post-manicure.

I was Looking for Dillenger Through the Window.
How Can You NOT Love This Beautiful Friend.

 I Spy Dillenger Outside...Let's Go Peek!!!

OOH, Better Close the Door a Little,
He Almost Caught ME!

Better Go say "HI" Before 
He Thinks I'm a Peeping Tom! LOL


Do You Like My Manicure?!?

I think Dill just might Approve!!!

Thanks Dill!!!



  1. Hey girl.. just getting back to you about the O Wilde. I'm normally an 8 and the ones I have are 7's and they fit perfectly. Hope that helps!

    xx Love & Aloha

    1. Sure does! I need those shoes like yesterday! Thanks, mama!!!



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