Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rebeeca Minkoff TEAL MAC ATTACK!!!

Rebecca Minkoff
Distressed Teal 
Morning After Clutch 

Original Rebecca Minkoff Brown Signature Dustbag

Gorgeous Black & White Essence Lining

One Leather Trimmed Zipper Pocket on the Back Wall, 
Two Leather Trimmed Media Pockets on the Front Wall
One Metrocard Pocket with Silver RM Brand Plaque


Super Scrumptious RM Original Distressed Teal Leather
Silver Chain Strap, Thick Zipper Pull, 5 Round Domed Feet 

Heeeeeyyy YOU!!! 

 Enjoying a new purse with a Yummy Lunch...
Chowing down on a Fish Arepa & Slurping Down a Cocada.

Damn...I love new bags!!! 

Laterzzzz, hot mamas!!!

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