Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'd Lick Your...Passionfruit. Rebecca Minkoff Passionfruit Eyelet Devote

Well...maybe...if that bag comes with it!

Rebecca Minkoff PassionFruit Eyelet Devote

So, here's what's up...
My laptop sorta-kinda-maybe-not-really-died on me at the end of May, then I realized it wasn't actually dead, but needed some juice. So, I began procrastinating about whether or not to buy a charger form Apple or a cheapo one online. That hesitation took nearly a month before I finally ordered a cheapo one. 

Then life started getting backed up, as well as my blog posts that I needed to start putting out, so the blog took the back burner, and life had to be dealt with. Then July just happened to appear all of a sudden. I went on a mini trip to Philly, had a blast when I saw my all-time bestie, Westin. Then life happened again when I returned. LOL Oh never end. 

Anyway, so I got my cell phone stolen at my new job at the beginning of August. 
Two months worth of summer fun, and blog-worthy pictures 
were gone within a 5-minute window while closing up my shop. 

So that's why I've been gone. And now I'm back. 
I'm sorry about that. 

So, I don't have new pics to post, so I'll be posting all the stuff I didn't post months ago before summer began. Bear with me won't be too bad. plus I have one or two pics my bf had I can squeeze something out of those, while I'm making life happen behind the scenes to get super fun "Action" shots of my purses, shoes, and polish love!

Yummy Pearl Necklace by Oyster Stout
Don't mind if I do....

Dinner at SEA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I'll be back with more, for sure. 

Many Hugs & Kisses for 
All You Gorgeously Bad Bitches Tonight!


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