Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm a #BotkierBabe, as the October #BotkierGram Winner! Reveal & Review of Botkier Legacy Small Satchel in Persimmon

Botkier chose ME as their 
October #BotkierGram Giveaway Winner!!!

How Amazing Is This!!!

I was playing around with some polished earlier this fall,  and did my first "tape" mani, trying out some nail art skills. LOL Ended up with a pretty dope mani that I fell hard for. So I took a bunch of pics, and matched up this nail art with my gorgeous Botkier Howard Street satchel, and went camera crazy. Vanity is my favorite sin. Later on, I posted this picture to my Instagram account, @Jess_One_More, and the hashtags did the work! 

I just can't believe that the Botkier team liked my photo and gifted me a beautiful bag! 
Christmas is coming twice a year for me!!! 

Here's my package when I received it. 
Couldn't have been more excited when I saw it. 
I was as giddy as a little girl receiving her most-wanted Barbie doll as a surprise!

Guess what's inside?!?

Showing a little bit of skin...sexy arms....OoOohhh!!!

Botkier Legacy Small Satchel in Persimmon
Here she is...My Lexi!!!

The Botkier Legacy small satchel is made of lizard-embossed Italian cowhide. 

It measures 11.5 inches wide at the base, and 10 inches in height. 
With a top zipper closure, measuring 17 inches long.

The depth of the bag is 4.5 inches, which is a good-sized space for most bags. 
With the added height and length, this bag can fit quite a lot of every day items. 

Dual rolled handles, which have drop of 9 inches. This makes it easy for most people to wear this handbag over the shoulder, even with coats on.

Stunning bold zipper tracks throughout the design. A decorative zipper track along the top front wall, and two mini angular pockets on the bottom front wall. On the back, there is a full size zipper pocket that runs all the way across and down the expansion of the rectangular shape on the back of the bag, which measure 10 x 11.5 inches. Long matching leather tassels dangle from each zipper-pull. 

I've always adored Botkier's quality of design and production. Even the minute details with a sleek, weighted gunmetal zipper pull and thick antique silver zipper teeth, makes this handbag sleek, bold, and boho-chic. Sleeker, with the smooth, contemporary look of gunmetal hardware. Bold with the thick antique silver teeth that pop against this pale salmon color and dainty lizard-embossed texture. Boho-chic with the chosen "smooshable" leather that conforms to the body when worn on the shoulder, yet gives a modern bohemian look with a silhouette of straight lines, but with curved corners, which give this handbag a softer, cooler edge. Thus giving a modern geometric shape a bohemian vibe.

Spacious innards are my favorite treat to any handbag!!! This bag includes a black canvas Botkier sleeper/dustbag, Card of Authenticity & Care Management, and an extra lizard-embossed leather zipper pull, which matches the zipper pull for the bag's inside back-wall zipper pocket.

Inside the Legacy, there is a zipper pocket along the back-wall, with matching antique silver zipper teeth and gunmetal studded, lizard embossed leather zipper pull. The Front wall of the inside of the bag has a large, rectangular slip pocket, and a slim slip pocket for a pen. In addition, there is Botkier's statement key fob, which is a long beautifully linked key chain that makes it simple to locate your keys in your purse, no matter how full, and, in most cases, you can unlock doors, without having to remove the keys from the keychain. How Wonderful!!! After the amount of zippers/pockets features, THIS is my favorite treat of all my Botkier bags!!!

The base measures 4.5 x 11.5 inches. This makes for a wide base with good depth. 
I love to pack it in, and overstuff my bags, so I know for sure that this bag will carry all my basic daily necessities, and then-some! 

Look at the feet? They're Rounded Pyramid Studs!!! 
EEKK!! Tres chic!?!

This Botkier Legacy has such fine lizard-embossing throughout. I adore the smooth, brushed-leather feel of this texture. Almost suede-like, but now as textured, and much easier to keep clean.  And with this type of light color, denim transfer, and dirt particles will pick up very easily. So it's best to protect the leather with a water & dirt repellant, as often as possible with much wear. I have great results with my other handbags and all of my shoes using Camp Dry, which is an awesomely heavy duty water and stain repellant made for the outdoors/camping gear and equipment. However, please be careful using Camp Dry, as this particular repellant darkens the leather's color by one or two shades. Best to test a small, inconspicuous area of the leather to see if you like the way it will look. I use Camp Dry mostly on my shoes and dark colored bags. The other repellant I use monthly on all of my most used handbags is Wilson's Leather & Stain Protectant. Although this water & stain repellant is not as strong as Camp Dry, which is made for outdoors/camping activity and weathering, Wilson's is very gentle with my purses, who are my babies, and I treat them often with moisturizer and Wilson's to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. 

This color is DYNAMITE. Although this bag's color is called "Persimmon", 
it really resembles a lovely salmon pink. Almost like the color of fresh lochs! Mmmm...damn near edible.
The gunmetal rounded pyramid studs gives this bag a very chic, bohemian feel, as opposed to an angular pyramid stud, which gives the impression of a harder, edgier woman. These softer looking studs are more feminine, and matched with this color leather, the overall look is more dainty, than edgy. 

The trapezoidal silohuette is all the craze this year. We've seen is on the Celine Luggage, the Celine Trapeze, the Philip 3.1 Pashli, and plenty of designer bags. Botkier's version is a smooshy, daily-wear, ready-to-go bag that is great for that urban dweller who needs to look sleek, and put together without having to baby her bags, as with the nature of most premium designer bags. The Botkier brand is a contemporary handbag design company that makes purses (and used to make really versatile shoes) for the every-day woman, who is well put together, sexy, sassy and sweet.  The All-Around Chic Girl!

With the Dustbag
Using the camera flash gives this Persimmon Legacy a whole different look. The leather looks more of a salmon color. I think it's very striking. 


Can't wait to wear this beauty. Already weather-proofed it with my trusty Wilson's Leather & Suede Protectant. 
Just gotta pick a cute outfit, and we're off!!!

If you'd like to purchase the Botkier Legacy small satchel in Persimmon, 
it is still available at Botkier.

Later, dolls!

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