Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finally! Nordstrom Rack-Union Square has Rebecca Minkoff - Galore!!!

About Damn Time...

I Love Nordstrom Rack, but for over a year, my local NR's Rebecca Minkoff selection has been little to nil. They used to carry tons of pouches, wallets, and bags. For the past year, you could only find a few pieces here and there. Forget the cool Cory pouches and fabulous Morning Afters. 

Nordstrom Rack-Union Square has it going ON!!!
Now I feel much better about running by there once a week or so, since I know I won't be so disappointed. Hopefully this lasts. So far so good. I'm telling you, Nordstrom was missing OUT on great sales since they didn't have RM's products, and so were all of us NYC RM lovers. 

***I've been to NR-UnionSq. three times since December 5th, and the turn around is INSANE! All three times in less than 15 days, there have been plenty of new RM bags and pouches. 
Hey, I'm excited!

I hope you all enjoy these pics...
I adore the the Mini Cupid so friggin much. Too adorable!!!



Up Close & Personal!!!

Isn't it too cute for words!!! EEKKK! 
Probably holds as much as the MAB Mini. 
One day, I'll have to wear my MAB Mini to NR or Bloomies and test out the size with all my RM pouches and purse goodies to compare! EEK Can't wait!!! 

Stay tunes, muchachas!!!

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