Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer Nail Polish Hauls: Urban Outfitters Nail Polish, Julie G "Frosted Gumdrops" Collection & More Colors

While I Worked HARD this Summer,
I was both gifted & bought for Myself
A Few Colorful Treats for the Summer...

The BF treated me to some lovely polishes...

from Rite Aid, two Julie G nail polishes: 
Mermaid's Tale, which is defiantly HAUTE!!!
Dance in the Dark, a beautifully deep blurple duochrome, mostly deep purple on the nail.

from Urban Outfitters:

Clockwise form l-r: Blue Velvet, Mystic, Girrl Like You, and Flip Flop.

The formula on these were smooth, a little thick (but nothing a little polish thinner can't help!). Drying time, is average, not any longer than most brands.  These are my first Urban Outfitter polishes, 
but I must say: the Quality Is There! And I love that they are full size, 0.5 fl oz bottles! And at $5 a bottle, money well spent! 
Thanks papabear!!! 

That said, these Urban outfitters polishes I have are all definitely dupes for other brands. Off hand:
  1. UO "Blue Velvet" is a whole lot like SinfulShine "Most Sinful". 
  2. UO "Mystic" is a gorgeous red/pink/orange/yellow/green flakie in blue jelly. It's definitely a dupe for Deborah Lippman "Ray of Light." 
  3. UO "Girrl Like You" is a dupe for OPI "Mermaid Tears" and Zoya "Bevin." 
  4. UO "Flip Flop" is a dupe for China Glaze "Aquadelic," which is EXCELLENT for me, seeing that I broke my CG Aquadelic bottle a few months ago. It fell right out of my hands, and broke at the neck, spraying a stunning aqua blue all over my yellow comforter and light-colored pajama pants. Oh, well! I'm just glad I have a replacement for it, until I actually remember to pick up another CG bottle.


At Rite Aid, I bought most of Julie G's Frosted Gumdrops collection...
I'm thinking I have to get the last piece, Crushed Candy, a deep lilac purple. 
I didn't think t would look good on me, but now I totally want my set to be complete. 
Hell, I can ROCK purple!

From left to right: Blueberry Fizz, Rock Candy, Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush & Tangerine Dream.

Formula is SO on point with these colors!!! Practically one-coaters. I do two just to amplify the "textured" nature of the polish & deepen the color. I only wish these bottles were at a full-size of 0.5 fl oz. This only comes in 0.325fl oz bottle. But they are Cute as Hell!!!

To me, Sugar Rush is an *ALMOST* dupe for OPI's Liquid Sand in Jinx. But Jinx is SO damn stunning, with it's beautiful color shifting that even this dupe, can't quite make it to the OPI Jinx level.

Livin' & Lovin' Hard, ya'll.
Keep Ya Heads Up, Lovies!!!


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