Friday, September 27, 2013

Forgetful Friday: Revlon "Haunted", Hit Polish "Portals", China Glaze "For Audrey", & OPI "Alpine Snow"

First EVER "Forgetful Friday!"

For the first time, I am introducing "Forgetful Friday." 
This is a new segment of the blog, that will post past manicures of which I have forgotten 
that I had created and photographed. I am very forgetful at times, and this just seems like a fun thing to do, especially since I have so many manicures, shoe, & purse pictures that I have regrettably forgotten about. OOPSIE!

I figured for this first segment, I will also choose a manicure that I haven't ever done before (and most likely since! LOL). Tonight, I have for you my very first gradient manicure! My nails had broken and filed down to little nubs at this point, as it usually happens every other month since I continue to tear boxes open with my nails and do heavy cleaning without gloves. Oh well...that's just how I roll! lol

OPI "Alpine Snow" & China Glaze "For Audrey"as my interchanging Base Coats.
Revlon "Haunted" as my Contrast Gradient Color.
Hit Polish "Portals" as my Glitter Topper.

     Hit Polish "Portals"              OPI "Alpine Snow"


Revlon "Haunted"

Beginning with my base coats, I put on 2 coats each of 
OPI "Alpine Snow" & China Glaze "For Audrey."

Sorry for the ashy-ass skin. The acetone is a killer, as ya'll already know!

I was so excited to finally do a gradient polish that I went WAAAY overboard. Can you tell?! LOL

Now, I've realized that I could've done a better gradient, 
had I used BOTH Haunted & Alpine Snow TOGETHER on the sponge at the same time, instead of as an after-thought. 
DERRR...! Oh well...better luck next time for me!

Originally, I wanted to use Hit Polish "Portals" as a glitter topper for only two of my digits, 
and then do a gradient with Revlon "Haunted" on the other 3 fingers. However, this manicure didn't seem sufficiently complete, so I added "Portalsto the rest of the nails. 




 Well...that should wrap it up! 
You girls know I LOVE pictures and hate to self-edit on this blog! 
I just want to see MOOORE! 
Gimme Gimme More, Gimme More, Gimme Gimme More!

Til Next Time...

Love Always,

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