Friday, October 11, 2013

Forgetful Friday: Brrrrr...It's Cold in Here! Jindie Nails "Burrrberry"

...Must be Some Glitter in the Atmosphere...
LOL ... LOOOVE "Bring it On"!

Jindie Nail"Burrrberry"

Jindie Nails Burrrberry
 is a gorgeous crelly (cream/jelly) glitter polish, loaded with 
small to large hexagonal glitters in various shades of blue, purple, & gray,
all floating in a milky white base.

A Cute Lil' Mani for an Easy-Going Friday...
Til Next Time, Gals!



  1. I love Burrberry. Easily one of Jindi' s best polishes. :) I almost didn't buy it, because I have a very similar polish from Sick Lacquers called I Pink I Blue Up. But now that I have them both, I definitely see some differences. And they're both so pretty, I don't think I could choose one over the other.
    PS - Love your blog name. My name is Jess Moore; I'm kind of kicking myself for not thinking of that name first! LOL. :)

  2. Hi Jess!!! I'm so pleased to meet! Jindie Nails has really awesome glittered crellies! Love 'em all. But they are so hard to get, sometimes!!! I guess business is up! LOL Burrrberry is so pretty!!! I love the milky base, and plum and pink glitters mixed with gray & black. So great! I've never tried out Sick Lacquers before. I definitely will have to!

    LOL to the blog name. When I was thinking of coming up with the title, I kept making all these ridiculous ones, then I was like...I'm always saying, "I Just Want One More" polish or purse...or "I wish this blog had just a few more pics of this mani or bag" because I'm obsessed with polish & purse porn! That's why I overdo it with my pics! LOL


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