Thursday, October 10, 2013

Playing House at Ikea with Bag of the Day: Rebecca Minkoff Bronze Black-Wash Boyfriend

Papabear and I went to Ikea for his first time. 
I brought along the other man in my life that day...

Rebecca Minkoff 
Bronze Black-Wash Boyfriend

Eating Garlic Knots at the Pizza Shop in Brooklyn 

G train Rolling in to take us away!!!

Made it to Ikea...the BF get's his own show...AND Bed!!!

Chris rocking his B-day hat: Goorin Bros "Grizum" in Olive. 
American Made, brushed felt-wool hat, with black ribbon-band, a stingy brim, 
and an overly-pinched tall crown. Customized with a "Millie" iridescent feather w/polka dots.


I'm wearing the Goorin Bros "Gilles" in Gray. 
A paper-straw fedora with wide brim, 5" crown, black band, and custom two-part feather. 

This is US...The (Ghetto) Family Portrait! lol

Now, Papabear is watching "The Frog-Princess"...

Damn...he's really into it. 
"Can we move onto something else, now?" baby's got that Jungle Fever...LOLOLOL's just a REALLY great cartoon film. I love it, too.
But, yea, uh...he does though...right?! LOLOL

So, finally, we moved on...

Then LOOK what I came upon?!??!

When I saw it, I knew I NEEDED this RED HELMER for my Nail Polish Collection. 
I was so excited to see it, I was jumping up & down. I claimed it by placing my ass on it!!! LOL 

Then, My BF spotted this one...And the Game CHANGED!

So, apparently this WICKEDLY AWESOME Yellow Helmer was Out-of-Stock 
(*tear*) because Ikea over-sold this color online. So now I'm waiting for it to return, so that I can

YUP, the BF definitely LOVES this Helmer! This is the ONE!

It's so damn easy to lose all concept of time in Ikea. That place is heaven for home/office/kitchen/whatever decoration! There is SOOO much to see!!! Sensory Overload. But in a great way. It doesn't render that "I-Really-Can't-Stand-to-Be-Here-Anymore" overwhelming feeling that you get at Marshalls or Daffy's. Love those shops, but they give me a headache almost instantly. After a few hours of frolicking in made-up rooms, Papabear and I went to the cafeteria to get some chow.


This is how big-boys eat their meals! LOL

Of course I got Swedish Meatballs. Usually with mashed potatoes, but my boo doesn't like mashed potatoes because he's weird as hell, so we got french fries instead. Same shit, different form. 

T'was a Great Afternoon!!!

That's All Folks!
'Til tomorrow, peeps.



  1. Your boyfriend (the human one) looks like a lot of fun. Those Helmer drawers do look good. I'd love one of those too. I'm a big mashed potato fan, especially with gravy :D

  2. Thanks so much, babe! He's a mess--he's so funny! And I agree, Mash & Gravy is yummy yummy yummm! that's why I don't understand why he doesn't like it. Something about mashed potatoes' texture wrongs him. LOL Not me! The Helmers do look amazing IRL. Smaller than I pictured in my head, but so are polish bottles! LOL the size is perfect. Can't wait to get one.


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