Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Accidental Trip to Bloomingdales

Hello there, sweets!

Last week, I strolled into The Mecca of Rebecca Minkoff and Botkier handbags. Take a little walk with me through one part of the contemporary handbags section of Bloomingdales. I accidentally went to Bloomingdales since I had gotten off the wrong stop on a bus in Queens, that led me over the 59th Street bridge, and into Manhattan's East Side. So, if I'm walking to Lexington & 59th to get on the Q train, to take me BACK into Queens, why should I not take a little dalliance into Bloomingdales?! I mean, the train station was right outside of it! How could I ignore fate?! 

Rebecca Minkoff +Bloomingdale's 

What a fun display! So many colors, textures and studding!!! What's not to love?

Here is the run down of the styles...

Foreground Display (left-rightr, top-bottom):The Willi shoulder bag in black, the Luscious studded hobo in tan, the Willi in almond, Mini MAB Tote (in black, electric blue, green, scarlet).

The Logan messenger is made out a bubble lambskin leather, which is so supple and light-weight. I'd love to play with this bag. 

Background (l-r, top-bottom): )1st shelf Amourous satchel in black, Mini MAB Tote in brown, Amorous satchels in electric blue, scarlet, and the Dexter bucket bag in black. Selena backback in studded black, the Morgan satchel in black bubble lambskin leather, the Elle in black, Mini MAC, the MAB Mini in studded black. The MAB Tote in black, scarlet, brown, gray, and green.

Above and below, Affairs, studded Affairs, and Mini Affairs in various colors.

The Swing in yellow, purple and black.

Studded Wallet-On-A-Chain in regular and mini, in various colors.

3-Zip Mini MACs in various colors,
MAB Mini in navy, The Dexter in purple, The Cupid in black and purple, the Dexter in scarlet.
MAB Mini in navy, Cupid in purple, the Dexter in purple, the Hudson Moto, regular and mini, in green leather & suede.

Tons of Monogram Mini Morning After Clutches 
(Mini MACs)!!!


More Mini MACs!!!!

THE MOST OBSESSED-OVER Rebecca Minkoff color/texture this season, Irridescence, in hashmarked PVC. Below is the in "Broken Glass Texture."

Rebecca Minkoff Logan Messenger in blue.

Joelle Hawkens @ Bloomingdales
Joelle Hawkens  is an off shoot of the brand Treesje.

Joelle Hawkens The Hunt crossbody bag. 

Botkier @ Bloomingdales

On the left hand side of the displace case, hung once cream-colored the Honore crossbody, 
and several Valentina minis in blue, yellow, and black. 

Above: (top)Amor satchel in black, Valentina satchel in black & blue; (middle) small Legacy in persimmon and black, Honore satchel in yellow and black; (bottom) Valentina satchel in black and metallic gray, Honore small hobo in gray and burgundy brushed leather.

Right column of case: (top)Valentina tote in metallic gray; (bottom) Honore hobo in black.

(l-r)Valentina satchel in metallic gray, Valentina Mini in metallic gray

Well, that was exciting!!! 
I'm going to pop in next week...see if anything new is around! This time, it won't be by mistake. Although, it would be pretty damn nice if "happy accidents" occurred more often!

Psshhh...Grew up in this city my whole life, born & raised, and I still get lost once in a while. But, you know what? If every misadventure took me to pure awesomeness...I'd start getting lost on purpose. Who's with me?

Nightie Night, friends.

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