Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bag of the Day: Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Q Groovee. Her Name's "Lola," I LOVE MbMJ!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Q Groovee
in Rock Lobster

Hanging out in the Flat Iron with 
My Lovely Lola
Pickles the Bulldog
Pouch in Highlighter Orange

Just LOOK at this FABULOUS Pebble leather. 
Feels so damn soft, I want to curl up in it & spend the rest of my winter 
wrapped in this warm, hot pink/coral 
WARNING: Picture Heavy!!!

Little Lola is SO Ravishing...I'm speechless. 

On the Subway ride home...
The dim, dirty...errr...everything, does NO justice to my lil pretty purse. 
What a shame!

What bag did you wear today? Was it one of your faves? 
How do you chose which bag to wear daily? 

Sometimes I match, but most times I love a contrasting bag, 
and other times, I just pick up the one purse I'm loving like crazy at the time. 

Thanks for hanging out, ya'll. 


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  1. Gorgeous! I sold my black Baby Groovee this year and sometimes regret it... MJ's leather is superb!


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