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Botkier "POP UP" Sample Sale December 2013

This week, Botkier is having a POP UP Sample Sale!!!
 That opening night, I was psyched as ever, as this was to be my 

Price Lists

Everything that Botkier had, they had in abundance. 
Not only was the Quantity there, but the QUALITY was very apparent! 
The leathers were beautiful, saturated, soft, pebbled, glazed, smooth, rich, and 
best of all...THICK!!! 
I was soo ecstatic when I arrived. 
Had to touch EVERY ITEM!!!

 Armour satchels in metallic gunmetal and black, Legacy hobo in army, 
large Wanderlust totes in black, and large Gunmetal Legacy satchel

Large Bronze Legacy satchel, small army Legacy satchel, pink and gunmetal Armour shoulder bags, small Honore hobo, large Gunmetal Legacy satchel, large Persimmon Legacy satchel, large Wanderlust tote in gold.

Legacy hobo in gunmetal, Armour shoulder bag in metallic gunmetal, 
small army Legacy satchel, pink Armour shoulder bag.

Capri hobos in blue and yellow embossed-snakeskin, 
Armour shoulder bags in pink, black, metallic.

Wanderlust totes in blue and gold
Armour satchels in pink, black, and gunmetal

The Armour satchel is SO roomy. 
It's a great med-large sized bag, that you can fit LL your daily essentials, minus a laptop. LOL

The Legacy Clan!!!
Persimmon (large), Army (small), Gunmetal (large), & Bronze (large)

 Turquoise & Magenta Honore hobos in small!!! 
THIS turquiose bag is my favorite bag of this season! 
So Need One!
The amazingly awesome turquoise Honore hobo in small. 
Looks even better in person, and when worn over the shoulder. 
After a little wear, the leather will give, and droop into a beautiful, smooshy slouch. 


Above, One-of-a-kind Sample Legacy hobos in lizard-embossed gray& persimmon, and glazed pebbled peach. These were a beauty as well. Very spacious, crafty design. 
Will have to be getting one of these in the new year!

Below, sample Wanderlust in a mix of black, red, and tan. So fun!
Large tan sample hobo with a gorgeous decorative elephant buckle.

Awesome Elephant Buckle Detail.


The TRUE star in this sale: Citron Trigger 
Botkier is bringing back the infamous Trigger silhouette that boomed her business in her early years. I've always wanted a Trigger. Earlier this summer, my boyfriend saw a gorgeous smooshy mint Trigger at our local Nordstrom Rack, called me up, and I ran down there immediately. I ADORED that bag. But I didn't pounce on it, and someone scooped it up! Darn. Could this be my my second chance?

Magenta Honore satchel in brushed leather.
Brushed leather...feels almost like suede, but much easier to care for. 

Extra-Large pouches, camera bags, & cutesy-crossbodies!!!
Botkier leathers are so soft...I couldn't stop touching them. 
They are one of my favorite pouches by any contemporary designer right now.
Even the camera cases are well made, functional, and cute. 
Compared to Rebecca Minkoff's camera bags, Botkier's are incomparable. The quality is phenomenal, these actually ZIP SHUT, to keep out fluids, and to keep whatever you decide to place in them, kept safely. RM's camera bags don't even close securely--the top just pulls down over the opening, and those RM camera bags has only a snap-button on a piece of leather to hold the bag close. So Not gonna work out if I accidentally dropped my bag, or fell--my camera and/or purse-goodies would be all over the ground, scratched, broken, and ruined. 
Botkier...once again, you never fail me! 

Below, Beautifully stamped "botkier" logo on the back of the "baby's-butt" soft pouches.

More Sample Bags!!! 
Another thing that has always drawn me to Botkier leathers, are the amount of pocket space, and extra zipper designs! I love zippers and all of these just win me over!  

Above, Wanderlust hobos and clutches. 
Below, satchels and crossbodies with gunmetal chainlinks! 
So many bold zipper tracks!!! 


More satchels & crossbody sample bags.

Adored this bag. Could double as a laptop case. In fact, I really think it is. Either way, this bag felt phenomenal. Like butter...lambskin at it's best. Love the new Botkier zipper pulls. Very polished, geometric and beautiful.  If only...

One-of-a-Kind large Honore hobo in Perforated White. 

I was told this bag will not be going into production this coming spring. Only the Honore hobo in size small will be made in this perforated leather. I just love how stunningly chic it looks. even better when pushed down in the center, let it smoosh a little, give it some character, and a great shape! I know this beauty will just age gracefully, as long as one keeps the leather moisturized and clean. 


The Logan satchel is making a comeback, too! 
Check out it's new "duffel" shape! Bubbly, Pebbled leather and pink seams! Wonderful.

 Back to the Sales Floor...

The Honore crossbody, The Hipster clutch, the Capri crossbody, and the Valentina mini.

I absolutely ADORE the pink Honore crossbody and the Valentina Mini. The leathers on these bags is so soft, and pebbled. Not to mention they are pink and magenta!!! Holy Smokes! I need both in my life! And for the price of $75 for the Honore crossbody, and $95 for the Valentina mini...How can one lose?! #WINNING

My Top Picks for this Botkier Sample Sale. 

My Goodies are coming up in another post. But as for you...
RUN, Don't Crawl, to 225 5th Avenue, in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, until this Sunday evening, on December 22nd, 2013.

Did anyone hit up this sale?! It was so awesome, right?! 
If you went, what did you snag? 
And even if you didn't/couldn't go, what would you have gotten ?!

Bye for now, friends...

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