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Rebecca Minkoff Pyramid Stud Pouch Reveal & Comparisons

Pyramid Studded Pouch

This Large Pouch/Clutch is made of very smooth, matte and rigid leather. Not ideal for me with my love of smooshy leather goodness, but it'll do because it's super chic and cute. Plus, sadly, I don't own a large red pouch. It features a matching Red Wristlet for easy carrying. Silver Hardware throughout, with Silver Pyramid Studs lining three sides of the perimeter of the clutch/pouch.

Above, you can see the Silver Studs are VERY Large and Dimensional...No flimsy studs here!
And of course, a lovely REBBCCAMINKOFF plaque on the outside of the pouch. I adore these metal plaques on her products, especially pouches. They are sophisticated branding, and look so chic.

This Leather Pouch is NOT lined in the interior. The interior is plain with the raw cowhide side of the leather facing inward. The backing of the pyramid studs are all visible on the interior walls as well. The red irregular octagonal shape patch is actually the backing of the REBBCCAMINKOFF plaque on the outside of the pouch.

The tags state that this large pouch is a "Cory" pouch. However, standing at 7"x9.25", this pouch is more similar to the "Kerry" pouch than the "Cory" pouch, which is only a mere 4" x 6".

I purchased this Pyramid Studded "Cory" Pouch for a little over $30 with taxes at Nordstrom Rack.

Talk about A STEAL!

Pyramid Studded Pouch 
Kerry, Erin & Cory Pouches

Meet the Players:

Quilted Pyramid Studded Kerry Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Fall 2012

Distressed Glazed Orange Leather
Black & Blue Polka Dot Lining
Gold Hardware
Gold RM Plaque on Back
Pyramid Studs Throughout
Measurements: 7" x 9"

"The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle, 2012" Erin Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff 2012

Soft, Pebbled Black Leather
Black & Blue Polka Dot Lining
Gold Hardware
Gold RM Plaque on Back
Black Zipper-Tassel w/ 2012 Date

Measurements: 6" x 8.5"

"Show Me the Money" Cory Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Fall 2012

Distressed Red-Orange Leather
Brown & Black Kiss Lining
Brushed Gold Hardware
Brushed Gold RM Plaque on Back

Measurements: 4" x 6"

Onto the Comparisons

First off:

The REAL "Cory" Pouch 
The Pyramid Studded "Cory" Pouch.

I think this must have been a Merchandizing Typ-o on the Retail Tags.
CLEARLY, the Actual Cory Pouch is NOT the same size as this featured Red Pyramid Stud pouch that is labeled as a "Cory Pouch".

Front View:

Back View:

Pyramid Stud Pouch Compared to the 
Kerry Pouch (the one in orange) and the Erin Pouch (the one in black).

As you can see, the Red Pyramid Stud pouch is larger than the Erin Pouch, 
and almost the same size as the Kerry Pouch. 

Although the Red Pyramid Stud pouch is slightly wider than the Kerry Pouch, by less than half an inch, it's zipper track is actually SHORTER than the Kerry pouch's zipper track, by half an inch. But the Red pouch's zipper track is slightly longer than the Erin pouch's zipper track, by one-quarter of an inch.

Also, the Red Pyramid Studded pouch is made out of a very rigid smooth leather, so it is actually slimmer (thinner) than the plush leather of this particular Kerry, which is a quilted leather.  And because of how the rigidity of the red leather pouch, it will not hold as much as this Kerry not this Erin pouch since these two pouches are made of soft (smooshy) leathers that will give and stretch around the objects it is stuffed with. Now that I mention this, I will definitely post pictures of these pouches stuffed with the same objects to further show how restricted you are with the amount of items you can put into this Red Studded pouch, as compared to a normal size Kerry and Erin pouch who have softer/smooshier leather.

So...that sums up my reveal/review/comparison. I hope you've enjoyed it. I will continue to do comparison as I acquire new Rebecca Minkoff pouches that are made each season. I can't get enough of her small leather goods. They are too adorable and I use various pouches ALL the time.

Good night loves...
Or shall I say, 
as it is 4am in NYC right now. LOL


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