Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff NYC Spring 2013 Sample Sale REVEAL

Guess What I Got, Ladies & Gents...?

A Little Gorgeous Candy 
to Satisfy My Purse-Whoring Sweet Tooth

Hmmm...I Wonder What It Could Be?


It's a Wallet-On-A-Chain!!!
Even Better--It's a Glazed Orange Quilted Leather!!!
Even Better Than That--IT'S SPIKED ALL OVEERRRRR!!!

Rebecca Minkoff 
Wallet-On-A-Chain (WOC), 
is a super duper 

This Tag says this Color is Persimmon.


8"L x 4.75"H x 1.25"W 
Light Gold Hardware Throughout, 
Front-snap Closure, Accordion Sides
One Central Zipper Change Pocket
6 Card Slots, 2 Bill Slots, Black & Blue Polka Dot Lining
Spikes Enveloping Every Corner of the Pillowy Diamond-Shape Quilting,
A Long, Chain-Link, Padded Shoulder Strap Connects to the Purse 
on the Under-side of the Flap with a Tiny Lobster-clasp. This strap has a 21" Drop. 


Glazed Orange Quilted WOC!!!



Have you gone/will go to her Sample Sales this Spring 
in LA. NYC, and San Francisco? 

If you did, how did you like it? Get any goodies?!?

If you didn't, have you gone to RM's Sample Sales before?
Or experienced her online Sample Sale? How did you like?

I'd love to hear from ya'll!!! 

Take Good car tonight 
& Enjoy your weekend.



  1. babes, i'm so happy that you found something that you really enjoy! orange + spikes, it looks so you! did you find anything nice in green? i just checked eBay that some people put the sample bags up for sale. most of them look very funny to me and the lining is so wrong - no leather trim for the slip pockets awwww. good night and sweet dreamzzz!

  2. Hey sweetie! Thanks so much! I truly adore this really suits me. But speaking of green...OMG, I saw the CUTEST mini duffle, the mini Ascher, in a Gorgeous Green Stingray on Monday night!!! The green stingray was pure perfection. RM does stingray just right. Her yellow stingray mini boc crossbodies were adorable too. Unfortunately, a lot of samples aren't quite up to par with regular interior design. But Hey, for such a great low price at the SS, WHO CAN ARGUE!?!?! LoL. That mini duffle was really pretty. Very lady-like and sporty!!!

    1. Oooh I almost forgot! There was a wicked patent leather neon green mini 5-zip mac, called chartreuse. Has 2 leather trimmed slip pockets, all three outside zippers open to pockets, and it has leather weaved in chain strap! It's friggin cute and haute as hell. I bought one, but would rather have it in the hot pink in the same 5-zip style, which was not at the SS. I have to upload that, too. It's super fabulous!!!

    2. you did find more fabulous stuff, horray! i def feel and share your passion and excitement. i am not familiar with Ascher. i believe it's a new style. RM released a lot of new styles recently that i can barely catch up. look forward to more photos from you *wink*

    3. Oh yea, too many new styles too soon. But I love all the new bright and pastel shades that RM is using lately. And I'll get a bunch of posts up by this Tuesday/Wednesday! Stay tuned, mama! Thanks again for following my blog. That means so much to me. I love to share the fun!!! *kisses*


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