Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Me A Surgeon... Lynnderella "Gotta Love Brains" & Butter London "Lady Muck"

...Cuz I Just Gotta Have Your Brains...

Check this out, ya'll.
I have another Spankin Ass polish for you, from none other than Lynnderella.
Celebrate Halloween and Gorgeousness everyday, with Gotta LOVE Brains

Look at it, Love it, Let it Melt in Your Mouth...Mmmm...

Lynnderella Gotta LOVE Brains is a beautiful, subtle (in comparison to Lynn's other glitterbombs) concoction of xtra-large white hex glitters, large pink and lavender hex glitters, medium light blue, blue, lavender, white, silver, and pink hex glitters, small white, silver, pink and light blue hex glitters, small pink and silver square glitters, very small white hex glitters, and small white bar glitters.
All of which hungrily swimming in a creamy sheer light gray base. 

I layered Lynnderella Gotta LOVE Brains with 
Butter London Lady Muck! A Perfect Pair.

Butter London Lady Muck Pis a creamy light slate gray polish with blue undertones. 
What's very special is that Lady Muck has silver microglitter shimmer. It's stunning. 

True to Color:


Now, Experience the Gorgeousness 
of the two polishes combined!

I'm an AVID supporter of Polish Porn, 
so you will always see a TON of pictures from me. 
Makes it all the more sweeter, 
so feast your eyes on these!

How About A Little Bit More? Hmmm?!

What an Indulgence! 
I hope you enjoyed this mani as much as me...
Going on Day 3 now.


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