Monday, November 19, 2012

Something Old...Something NEW... Hit Polish "Vintage Appeal" & Chanel "Mimosa"

Oh Please...
I may get a bit Blue,
But Ain't Nothin Borrowed Over Here! lol

I've got a lovely match for you though!
Another gorgeous Fall Manicure.

Hit Polish Vintage Appeal
Chanel Mimosa

As a Base, I used 3 Coats of 
Chanel Mimosa,
a shimmering yellow polish.

Mimosa & Cheetah Covet !!

A Match Made in Polish HEAVE!!!

Vintage Appeal is comprised of yellow medium square glitters,
 brown medium hex glitters, shards of metallic blue, red tiny hex glitters, 
and red small bar glitters, in a clear base.

Vintage Appeal Cheetah Covet!!! 

Dillenger Approves!

The ENTIRE Town of Springfield Approves!!!

DAMN, Even the cast of every movie of ALIEN APPROVES!!!
Hell Yea, this manicure is OFF The Mother Effin HOOK!!!

Hit Polish's Vintage Appeal 

OPI's A Good Mandarin Is Hard to Find
(Thank God I Found One and He LOVES My Dumbass!!!)

Wow, that was INSANE!!! 
This is a MUST for a Repeat!
Don't Ya Think?!

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