Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It May Have Been Your Birthday... Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah Covet

But It Was Certainly My Birthday Too, YEA!!!
But it wasn'

On a mini vacation to see my boyfriend,
he surprised with a gift that I have been craving for quite awhile.
Jumping off the bus and into his arms, I was elated to see him.
Walking to the car, he asked me to open the trunk,
 so that he could put my bags, which he was carrying, inside. So I did.


Rebecca Minkoff  Cheetah Covet!!! 
His name is Leopold... Leo for short! 
Representing the best of both worlds, 
he is Debonaire and Sprightly.
Devilishly Sexy.
And he is a DREEEAAMMM!!!

Of course, the first thing I did was to take pictures with my current mani! 
I mean, "Duhhh, right?!"


This Rebecca Minkoff "Cheetah Covet", produced in Fall 2011,
is luxe calf hair printed with a cheetah print in black, tan, and light brown colors. It is extremely soft and well made.  This print is closer in reference to Leopard spots, than Cheetah spots. Hence my nickname for this covet is "Leopold". The black leather is pebbled and very soft to the touch. 

The matte black hardware is antique silver hardware with a matte black coating.  Although this hardware is very beautiful, the coating tends to chip when rubbed often, usually where the straps connect to the bag. There is a non-adjustable top-handle, with connecting oversized circle rings, and petite screw head studs. The opening to the bag is a large rectangular turnlock, which is very fitting for the bag and does not open up randomly, it stays firmly locked, and makes it very easy to get in-and-out of the bag.

On the back of the bag is a small Rebecca Minkoff logo plaque. 
Don't you love the luscious black leather? I do!!! lol

The Gusset has Awesome Cheetah Calf Hair!!! 
This gusset allows for two separate compartments in the purse.

Rebecca Minkoff Care & Authenticity Cards

When you open the turnlock, you will find in the front of the bag is a large calf hair covered pocket. 
This is large enough for your essentials. Usually I place here my pens, hand moisturizer and sanitizer, cell phone, lipgloss, compact mirror, and anything I need to reach for easily. this is my favorite pocket of this purse.

This purse is fully lined with RM's exclusive "cheetah" lining, first used in Fall 2011. 
This a soft, silky lining with black cheetah spots printed on a greenish brown background, 
with Rebecca Minkoff logo printed throughout. 

Included with the bag, is a black all-leather strap with matching matte black lobster clasp and petite screw head studs at both ends of the strap. This strap is not long enough to wear as a crossbody bag, thus making this bag more of a satchel and shoulder bag.

The front-wall of the purse has two expandable media pockets with black leather trim.

The back-wall of the bag has a large zippered pocket with a thick black leather trim, a metrocard pocket adorned with a matte black Rebecca Minkoff plaque, also trimmed in black leather, as well as a key ring with a lobster clasp attached to the back-wall by a strip of black leather. 

In front of the back-wall is a divider, made of 2-ply cheetah fabric lining, creating two separate large compartments within the purse, which both run the full length and width of the purse.

Now, onto the Photoshoot. 
Leo loves to have his portrait taken. 
He is very regal in that way. 

I wanted to take pictures of Leo closer to the swans, but as soon as I had moved too close, they began hissing. I hadn't realized they were the ones making the noise, until my boyfriend said, "they hiss when they're going to attack." 

Trust me, you have never seen me move faster. 
I grabbed Leo and his dustcover, and jetted to the car! 
Damn swans, and they look so innocent!

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