Friday, November 30, 2012

Wrap Me Up, Love... Picture Polish "Splendour" & China Glaze "Velvet Bow"

 This Mani is Good-2-Go! 
(lolol, I'm so corny, I crack myself up!)

China Glaze 
 Velvet Bow 
a velvety soft, deep burgundy creme polish.
Picture Polish 

a multi-color flakie polish in clear base 
whose flakes shift in color from 
yellow to orange to orange-red to green 
and back again!!!

Velevet Bow is a little thick, 
but a little polish thinner will fix that easily. 
Application is near full coverage in one layer. 
Some streaking, but a second layer makes it perfect.

 A Simple Velvety Creme Polish becomes Transformed 
with a Multi-Colored Flakie:


 Splendour applies easily,
with PLENTY of flakies on the brush
for near full coverage with one layer.

Fuzzy Brilliance!!!!!



Bye-bye lovies!

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