Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bag of the Day: Dooney & Bourke Zebra Juliette

Dooney & Bourke
Zebra Juliette 

This is the Small Juliette,

A Doomed Satchel, (12.5"L x 15"H x 6.25"W), 
in Soft and Smooshy Zebra Printed Leather
with Mustard Leather Trim.

Short (4") Leather Dual Handles.

Top-Zip Closure Domed Shaped Opening.
Gold Hardware throughout, Brass hardware for dog-tag.
Red Cotton Lining with Long Leather Key-Clip/Fob,
One large zip pocket and one slip pocket on the inside.
Adjustable & Non-detachable Canvas Shoulder strap 
(up to a 18" drop).
Flat Bottom (12.5"x6.25"W), no feet

An amazingly spacious bag, with extremely pliable leather. 

As with ALL of  Dooney & Bourke's products, 
this bag is made with exquisite craftsmanship and materials. 

I've had this bag for 3 years now, 
so the Mustard leather has already darkened, 
which is the expected effect of patina over time, 
due to sun exposure and oils/dirt in my hands.

Strong, Short Leather Dual Handles 
in a (once) Mustard color. LOL
Gold Hardware Throughout.

Brass Dog-tag with Iconic D&B Duck cut-out.

I am a girl who adores calf hair on my bags and shoes. 
That said, I am so happy that D&B did not choose to represent the zebra pattern on this satchel by using dyed calf hair, as seen everywhere else, as this technique is very on-trend right now.

Instead Dooney & Bourke decided to use a beautiful leather to convey this pattern.  A great idea, as this bag is a lovely satchel that can be used for almost any occasion. You can dress up or dress down any outfit. 

Having a soft leather bag, versus an all-over calf hair design, means you can go on with your daily life, and not worry about having to baby your bag. With the constant putting-on-and-taking-off, throwing the bag around the shoulder, or wearing crossbody as it drags against your back or backside, on your coats and your jeans, there is no need to worry about calf hair rubbing off in the areas where the material comes into constant contact with other objects (ie: your body!). With the way I've worn this bag over the years, if it were made out of calf hair, the entire back of the bag would have been rubbed out by now. 
Just sayin! LOL

Every so often, I do clean this bag. I use my leather conditioner to wipe down the entire bag a few times, in order to get any grime or dirt markings that may have accumulated through daily wear. Then I spray my bag with a leather water repellant. And it's good to go for another lengthy duration of wear & tear! 

This is how I treat ALL of my bags!

This bag is made out of 
Dooney & Bourke's AMAZING
Florentine Vachetta Leather!
It's sooo strong, smooshy, and supple.


I aboslutely LOVE the leather.
On the animal, actual zebra stripes are not basic black and white. 
Their hair is a beautiful blend of dark and lights when seen up close. 

So too, is the leather on this bag. Instead of using stark black and white for leather dye, D&B used a cream colored body that looks soft and warm against the rich dark brown zebra stripes, which are also brushed with light browns and olives. 

The variation in the leather color speaks to the beautiful natural variation in actual zebra hair. 

Super Long, Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
It's a soft cotton material, with gold-tone buckle, and mustard yellow leather strips to keep the looped straps together when adjusted to shorter lengths, so that the straps don't separate. 

The shoulder strap is sewn into the base of this satchel. It climbs up both sides, and up to the top of the bag. Two strips of leather, on each side, hold the strap into place, smoothly against the bag. This design element helps to reinforce the shape of this bag, giving some added structure to the sides of this satchel. 

What's In My Bag?

Rebecca Minkoff "Lolita" Make-up Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff Cobalt "Fashion Slave" Pouch
Rebecca Minkoff Distressed Teal "Allowance" Pouch
Small Neiman Marcus Zip-Wallet w/Metrocard Slot 

Can of Dole Pineapple Chucks (MY FAVE!)
Plastic Baggie of Celery Sticks

Camera Case
Hair Brush & Comb
Pen, Lotion, Sanitizer
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream (Sample Size)

This bag fits a ton of stuff...
and it wasn't even full with all of these items! 

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