Monday, March 18, 2013

Butter London "West End Wonderland"

West End Girls are HAUTE!!!

"Sometimes you're better off dead
There's gun in your hand and it's pointing at your head
You think you're mad, too unstable
Kicking in chairs and knocking down tables
In a restaurant in a West End town
Call the police, there's a madman around
Running down underground to a dive bar
In a West End town

In a West End town, a dead end world
The East End boys and West End girls..."
-Pep Shop Boys, "West End Girls"

I'm a true fag-hag, 
and a wish I grew up in the 80's 
instead of being born in the late 80's...
and partying hard to the craziest dance music!!!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Pep Shop Boys!!!

Butter London
West End Wonderland

West End Wonderland
Sparkling Golden Champagne GlitterBOMB!

This polish is a made of a clear base heavily filled with Gold micro glitter, and micro specs of Cinnamon colored glitters scattered sparsely throughout. 
Looks like PERFECTION!


WOW! Look at these gritty bits of sparkle 
with tiny bits of cinnamon glitter popping here and there! 

Initially, I began with a Zoya "Gem" mani, 
using BL West End Wonderland as an accent on my ring finger. 

Unfortunately Zoya's "Gem" had major tip wear the first day, 
so I had to get rid of it and made BL's West End Wonderland into a full mani on it's own! My BF bought this polish for me, and I reeeally wanted to make it work, but I can't rock pretty fingers with chipped polish!, Now, can I?! lol

I hope you enjoyed my

West End Wonderland Mani! 

I bought my bottle of Butter London West End Wonderland at Nordstrom Rack. 
However, You can purchase Butter London polish on their website.

In addition, although my bottle of Zoya Gem was a gift from my boyfriend,
Zoya polishes can be purchased at Zoya's Website, as well. 

Cheerio, darlings!!


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