Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top o' the Mornin' To Ya! My Ten Friends "Dirtball" & A-England "Princess Sabra."


Before I start pounding back the beers 
and sipping on my many pints of Guiness to come,
I wanted to leave a little post for all you gals out there!

Today, I'm presenting a new polish,

My Ten Friends

This is a SUPER DUPER LOVELY Glitter Polish
with a sheer brown base, 
filled with teal, turquoise, copper, gold, & holographic hex glitters, 
from micro to large size.

Two coats of  DIRTBALL 
over two coats of A-England Princess Sabra 

I wore this mani for 7 days straight! 
The 7th Day was St. Paddy's Day.

Around Day 6, I began to see tip-wear, but very faint tip wear.
The above 2 pictures are what my nails looked like on Day 6. 

The sun was out for a little awhile...

Then it was Very Cloudy and began to Rain...

The Polish & Her Purse!!!


Along with my precious,
Rebecca Minkoff 
Aquamarine Turquoise Eyelet MAM

TOTALLY forgot to oil my cuticles with my 
Lush Lemony Flutter. 

 THEN I remembered: DUH! Grease those ashy fingers, Jess!!!

All you St. Paddy's Day Celebrators,
Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Smart!!!
May You have Plenty of Fun!

I purchased My Ten Friends DIRTBALL from their Etsy Shop
You can purchase here as well...just have to keep up with their updates for new restocks.
But, It's SOOO worth the wait!!!

Also, you can purchase Princess Sabra, or any of the A-England polishes from, as I did, or from A-England's website.


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