Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A-England: Tristam, a True Knight of Romance

Hola Chicas!!!

Sorry for the lengthy delay in posts.
Soon after my last post, I contracted the flu and was ill for a little while. 
And during the end of my ailment, my BF visited for a week, 
and I just didn't have the time to post.

A girlfriend of mine, 
Fellow TPF Bish named Koko, 
requested a purple mani.

I just happened to have done one not too long ago, 
and completely forgot to post it.  Derrr!

Hey KoKo, this one's for you!


from the A-England's The Mythicals Collection

is a blue-purple (blurple), holographic polish, 
with a scattered holographic effect.

This polish is stunning. Opaque in one coat, 
making it even more AMAZING than it already is.

For this post, this is 2 coats of  Tristam 
and one layer of Seche Vite topcoat.

Close Ups of Holographic Goodness!!!

Gorgeous Blurriness!!! 


 As the Myths goes... 
Tristam is a knight, 
celebrated for his faith in virtue and romance.

After accidentally drinking a love potion with Princess Iseult, 
they fall madly, deeply, passionately in love.  For all eternity.

Their love is a symbol of everlasting affection.

Such is the Beauty of this Polish. 
The color is Deep and Passionate, created with a formula 
that will keep this polish on your nails for days, 
so that you too, will be head-over-heels in love with it.

On this day, the clouds were out...
thus the lack of gorgeous holo-rificness! lol
It's such a stunning Blurple (blue-purple) polish.

I didn't care if the sun shined down on it or not, 
because I was always beeming at this mani myself.

I used a flash outdoors for this picture.

Indoors, this polish looks like a dark blue.
This picture is with natural light in a room.

This picture is with artificial light in a room.

These two pictures are with fluorescent light on the train.
No Flash

 True Blurple Shade here: 

 More shots of lovely purple holo-happiness!!!
This polish excites me so much. 
Actually, ALL of a-england's polishes do this to me. 

I hope you've enjoyed this Absolutely Gorgeous Polish!!!

I bought all of my A-england polishes from the 
Amazing Leah-Ann of Llarowe, at
You can also purchase from A-England's website, at 

(Click on these links to get to those shops! 
Warning: You will want to buy EVERYTHING! 
I ALWAYS get caught up that way, too.)

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