Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Third Indie Polish Haul

LOVE Nail Polish!!!

So, earlier this year, with only a few in mind, 
I began to make some Etsy purchases
 of my new findings of Indie Polish Brands...

Well...I don't need to go to into details...
You Polish-Lovers KNOW what happened,
Am I Right!?!

Let me mention this now: my pictures SUCK! I'm so sorry. They really do NO Justice to any of the polishes in this post. I was so excited when I got all of them, I didn't even bother taking nice pictures, I started to use everything quickly. 

1. Hit Polish (a division of D&R Apothecary)
You can find their Etsy Shop here. 

Hit Polish has made many of my favorite glitter polishes 
in my fast-growing polish collection.

From left to right,

Back row (full size bottles): 
Red for Women, Tur-ish Delight, Combustible Lemon, Companion Cube

Front row (min-size): 
February's Thanks (complimentary polish for the month), Portals

My Favorite Polishes from this order are from
The Portal Collection!

2. Glimmer By Erica
You can find their Etsy Shop here. 

In celebration of Valentines Day, Erica created a gorgeous glitter polish of red hearts, medium black, white, & red hex glitters, and small holographic glitters. 
It's truly lovely on the nail!

 Now, the following polishes are the 
first of these brands for me...

3. The Hungry Asian
You can find their Etsy Shop here. 

I was completely blown away by the sheer beauty of Kae's creations. They are smooth, creamy, and just luscious! 

Eeeeeek! Super Cute Packaging!

4. Jindie Nails
You can find their Etsy Shop here. 
I've ALWAYS like Jindie Nails' polishes....but for some reason, I had never purchased them. I don't know wha tthe heck is wrong with me!!! Jen, creator of Jindie Nails, has had wocked polishes since the beginning, but I am the wack one that didn't snag of some haute pieces of hers that I kept mulling over, such as Smells like Green Spirit, Baby Doll, All that Glitters, and What's Eating Gilbert's Grape. I still have her swatch pictures, like all the polish colors I fall for, I keep the swatch pics in a folder on my desktop. And everyday, I go through them adn drool, until I finally decide to order it. And many times, I wait waaaay too late and miss out. Damnit. 

I mean...WTF, Jess?!? Where is your head? 
I have NO idea! I'm retarded.

From left to right: 
Snow Angel, Burrr-berry, Princess Breath, Love Conquers All (Limited Edition)

5. Different Dimension
You can find their Etsy Shop here. 

This brand is seriously becoming a fast favorite for me, and many polish polishers a like.  Their polish names are fun and spirited, while the actual polish itself is mesmerizing. The quality of the creamy polish base, is soft and subtle, allowing for the brilliance of the glitters to shine through, and still have proper full coverage in just a few thin coats. I'm in love with Different Dimension. 

Check out Different Dimension's awesome new clear plastic labels (shown below on the left). Different Dimension used to have a simple paper label (shown below on the right), but now, the new clear labels have the brand name on the front, and a list of ingredients on the back. So chic. On the new bottles, you will find the name of the polish on the underside of the bottle, written on a circular sticker.

7. Rainbow Honey
You can find their Website Shop here. 

Rainbow Honey is an independent polish brand with a very professional, fantastically beautiful collection of glitter polishes. 

As with other many other indie brands, 
I used to stalk Rainbow Honey polishes daily...
And finally, I took the plunge!!! 
And I will never hesitate to make another purchase from them, EVER!!!


From the Equestria Collection: Pinkie Promise, A Little Kindness;
 The 3rd package is a Limited Edition Valentines Polish: "My Love"

....Just a Little Bit More RAINBOW HONEY!!!!! WOOT!!!
You'll Have to Drool Just a Little Bit Longer...
Stay with Me, Folks!

Very Stunning Packaging!

From The Yokai Collection: Kawako, Kitsune, and Oni.

7. My Ten Friends
You can find their Etsy Shop here. 
My Ten Friends, is an extremely creative geeky indie polish design, that beautifully and cleverly combines All Things Chic in the Nail world, with All Things Geek in the Real & Imaginary. 

MTF creates glitter polishes heavily laden with glitter in the nuttiest & prettiest, with a thick polish suspension base to encase all that HAUTNESS!!! The depth within these bottles and when worn on the nail, is unbelievably dimensional and mesmerizing. As the brand's motto goes, their polishes are 
Truly Nail Polish to the Stars! 
To Infinity & Beyond!

I must have them all...All, I tell YOU!!! ALL!

From left to right: Dirtball, Pew! Pew! Pew!, Lunar Love Song, Hailing Frequencies Open

These polishes are Little Masterpieces incased in Glass! 
I totally OD'd on the pics...Sowieeee!!!

MAN! This post is GLITTERTASTIC!!!
These polishes make me swoon!!!

I hope you enjoyed this! 
I know I did!!!

Laterzz, hot mamas!!!!

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