Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey "The Yokai". I Feel Little Fuzzy Wuzzies...!

Hey Ladies...

Now, I've always been a fan of clothing in various shades of browns and tans, 
simply because I think they look great against my caramel skin tone. However, I have never even considered wearing a brown colored nail polish. Hmmm...why is that?! 

Many months ago I was reading (Such a cute nail polish blog!) 
I happened to come upon their review of Rainbow Honey's The Yokai collection, 
seen hereI was in such awe, that I gasped!!! 

WOW! What a beautiful group of polishes Dee, Creative Director at Rainbow Honey, 
has created with her colorfully creative mind and massive interest in Asian cultures. 
You will see a lot of Japanese influences/references in Rainbow Honey polish themes.

I love when Indie Brands have a historical/fantastical/storybook theme within their collections. It makes it wonderful for their customers to learn something new and interesting, or to indulge themselves in cute polishes that represent something they already love!

Rainbow Honey 

As with most, if not all, of Rainbow Honey's delectable polishes, 
the formula on this was thick. It could benefit from some polish thinner. 

In the meantime, don't leave your brush out of the bottle for too long. 
The polish thickens and dries on the brush quickly. 
I dipped the brush back into the bottle after each nail, 
just so not to waste anytime getting this baby on my nail beds! 

I used two thinnish/thick coats of Oni
(without extending the formula with Nail Polish thinner, as I have run out). 
Topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite. 

Beautiful Metallic Flakie/Glitter Fantasticness. 
There are so many amazing colors in this one polish. 
The flecks sparkle in the sun.

This dazzling polish makes me feel 
all Fuzzy Wuzzy inside. It makes me smile brightly!

An Absolute Dream!

Oh boy...
I need to put this polish back on VERY soon. 
I miss it already! HA!!!

Please rush over to Rainbow Honey's site to view all of their collections in their shop.
If you've enjoyed this polish in particular, click here to buy this color directly from Rainbow Honey.

Hope to see you soon, again!

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