Friday, April 19, 2013

Hit Polish "Turq-ish Delight." Outta My Wardrobe...and Onto My Nails.

Let's Snorkle in the Coral Reefs 

Hit Polish's 
Turq-ish Delight

2-3 Thin Coats of Turq-ish Delight  by itself.


Turq-ish Delight
is an awesomely WICKEDTropical crelly polish.
It has a lovely sheer, yet buildable light blue/teal base.
The amazing collection of Glitters  include,
large hot red hex glitters, medium purple and turqouise circle glitters, 
small red circle glitters, and micro glitters in blue, purple, turqouise, blue, and pink.


In A Room, with Minimal Window Light

OMGGG THIS polish is completely REFRESHING!!! 
I feel Stripping Down to My Underwear 
and Belly-Dancing the Night Away!!!
Wearing this polish makes me feel so SPIRITED!!!

If you don't have it already, 
Y'all have to GET this polish!!!

Hit Polish is a division of D&R Apothecary. 
You can find amazing polishes at their Etsy shop, here.

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