Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Passionfruit Eyelet Devote. Passion Originates from Within...

...the Fruit of Your Soul

A Couple Days with My Beloved

Rebecca Minkoff
Passionfruit Devote

So I decided to meet-up with my BF in Williamsburg, out in Brooklyn. 
Since he was still working, I found a stool, and coped a squat. 
You know I love my dark ales, specifically Guiness.
So, I got a pint to keep my hands cool.

So babe came by when he was done, 
and we took a walk out to the water to look over at Manhattan...

Sadly, ALL the pictures we took of 
the sights, my bag, and our cute little French dinner,
were accidentally deleted with some stupid updating on our phones. 

Damn...Can you say DUMB ASS?!

After a long walk, 
what's better than to eat really heavy, meaty pizza?!?! 
I mean, you eat after workouts, right?! LOLOLOL

Later on...getting a something cold to drink at a bagel shop.

Then an absolutely delectable late-night dinner at Juliette's
...sorry pics were lost...*sad face*...

*EDIT: Found One Pic of the Dinner, but Poor Quality*

And then MOST Delicious Lemon Cheesecake EVERRRR
Garnished with Shaved Almonds and a Blueberry Syrup. 

The Following Day...
Falling in Love with my 
Passionfruit Devote All Over Again...


I Adore You...


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