Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rainbow Honey "Pinkie Promise" & Funky Fingers "Pop Artist"

 If You Need a Friend
Don't Turn to a Stranger
You Know in the End
I'll Always Be There

And When You're in Doubt
And When You're in Danger
Take a Look All Around
And I'll Be There

I'm Sorry But I'm Just Thinking of the Right Words to Say
I Know They Don't Sound the Way I Planned Them to Be
But If You Wait Around a While I'll Make You Fall for Me
I Promise You, I Promise You, I Will...
"The Promise", by When In Rome

Oooohhh, baby...I love me some dance music...
And I also ADORE pink polish. 
What's better than pink polish, you say? NEON pink polish. 
And what makes a neon polish even better, you say?! LOL...

Let Me Make You Swear You've Fallen In Love with  

Rainbow Honey's

is a gorgeous glitterbomb made with a clear base, 
filled with gold & pink shimmer, large pink hexagons,
small and micro hex glitters in gold, robin's egg blue, and pink. 
There are also gold and electric blue bar glitters.

Are You In Love Yet?!? 
Tell the Truth!!!

I Layered PINKIE PROMISE over 
Two Coats of Funky Fingers "Pop Artist"! 
This is a super lovely medium-bright Neon Pink!

The following pictures of Pop Artist are with a flash. As I do almost all of my manis after midnight, usually at 2am or so. I did this mani late last night and it was DEAD DARK out. Plus, I don't have good lighting in my place to show the truest colors of polishes. The Flash makes the polish way brighter than it actually is. 
The color represented in all the following flash pictures is not true-to-life. 
The color of Pop Artist in non-flash pictures in daylight IS true-to-life.


Are You Ready to be Bedazzled?!?!
This combo shocked the hell out of me!


Eeekkk...I love blurry polish pics! 

Only thing about Rainbow Honey's polishes that suck is the thickness of the base used. 
There are SO many glitters and shimmer, that the base has to be thick to keep them suspended so nicely. However, when putting on RH polish, you have to move quickly, as it gets gloopy the longer it's exposed to air. Because of this, try to do as thin of a coat as possible for each layer, so not to get the polish to look muddled and too-thick in some spots (especially at the center, at least for me because that's where I always lay my polish first). I definitely will add my thinner to all of my Rainbow Honey polishes. 

Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Rainbow Honey products, 
and will ALWAYS continue to buy them, 
but they are Waaay Too Damn Thick! I mean, seriously.

Finally, Daylight!!!
I was so excited to take pictures of this mani in daylight. 
As soon as I woke up, I ran to the window with my phone! LOL



Underground Flourescents...The L Train is rolling in!

Holy Shit this is WICKED HOT

Can't wait for my nails to grow out again so that I can redo this mani. 
This will be a definite go-to summer combination!


Treesje Port Travel Tote in Gunmetal
Rebecca Minkoff Mustard Croc Tassle 


You can purchase Rainbow Honey's polishes at their shop, here
PINKIE PROMISis part of the Equestria Collection. Buy this color at their shop, here.

Go online & get Rainbow Honey's polishes, Right Now!
That's An Order, Young Lady!!! 
(Shakes Finger)

I don't even know why I added that last part. 
Well, duh! Of course I'm shaking my finger! I'm scolding you. 
Bad girl! Go Buy Polish! 


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