Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rainbow Polish "Taffy" & Revlon "Spooky Skull"




Happy Belated Easter!!!

This is My Very 1st Glitter Sandwich EVEEERRRRR!

Rainbow Polish TAFFY
Revlon Spooky Skull

Rainbow Polish TAFFY
is a glitter polish in a clear base 
with various pastel colored hex glitters 
in small to medium sizes.

Revlon Spooky Skull 
is a creamy translucent polish with white shimmer.

I have sandwiched Taffy 
between two coats each (2-base, 2-top coats) 
of Revlon Spooky Skull


Indoors with Natural Light from Window

My Seche Vite top coat (which I LOVE) caused some serious Shrinkage.
I definitely need to get an alternative quick-dry top coat, for when I use glitters.
I see a lot of polish lovers/bloggers use Gelous and Poshe. I'm going to try these out, as well.



My Fingers are like Chocolate-flavored Cupcakes 
with Vanilla frosting & Taffy-flavored Sprinkles on top!!!

OH MAN! I just want to EAT my fingers!!!

On the NYC Subway...
Waiting for the L train to get the hell outta Brooklyn at 1am.

A Little Back Story on this Mani...
Initially, I was swatching a few glitter polishes as options for my most recent mani. 
I put on Glimmer by Erica "Love Story," and it was sooo stunning that it took me 15-20 minutes to finally decide to take it off because it doesn't work well as an accent with my Taffy Sandwich. 

But I definitely know I will use "Love Story" very soon. 
It's a GORGEOUS black/white/red/holo glitterbomb polish!

I Absolutely CAN NOT Get Enough of 
Rainbow Polish's TAFFY

This is the second mani I've done with it, 
and I have dozens of untrieds! 

It's too freakin' cute & all things delicious!

Have you tried  TAFFyet? How do you like it?
If not, do you plan on purchasing it? Trust me, you will not regret it! 
This polish is too adorable! 
You'll wear it all the time, especially this spring and summer!

I purchased my bottle from Rainbow Polish's Etsy store, here
This shop has a ton of adorable polishes, so check it out!

I hope you've enjoyed this manicure! 
I'll be back with more, promise!!!


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