Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oy, Crocky! Rebecca Minkoff Royal Croc 3-Zip Rocker

Rebecca Minkoff 
Royal Croc 3-Zip Rocker

Grocery Shopping with Papabear

We were watching this squirrel just chow down! 
He finally realized it, put his food down, 
and started to stare right back at us! It was nuts!
After awhile he started walking toward us! 
Then we left.
Sorry little man...we don't take home strays...*sad face* 

Bag of the Day

Royal Croc 3-Zip Rocker

What's in My Bag?

Purple Junior Drake Zip Wallet
Huge Ass Keychain


  1. lovely photos of you and papabear *smiles* and OMG that squirrel is cute!
    and no need to mention your fabulous rocker - always great taste!
    have a wonderful weekend~~

    1. Aren't you such a doll!!! Thanks babe! I know, that squirrel was seriously adorable! I hope your weekend brings you many smiles and cheer!!! Hopefully I'll have some new adventures to post for you! Woot! *HUGS*


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