Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Love Affair. Bag of the Day: Rebecca Minkoff Limited Edition Special Order Black Basketweave Morning After Bag (BBW MAB)

Can You Blame ME?!!

Charlie is Drop-Dead Gorgeous!!!

My Boyfriend Ain't TOO Bad, Neither!
(I love you, baby!)

Packing for a Mini-Vacation Upstate!

Waiting for the Train to Port Authority

Four Hours Later Somewhere in Upstate New York...
Getting a Bite to Eat, While Waiting for Our Connecting Bus

Freshen Up in the Bathroom...
And time for a PhotoShoot!!!

MAB in Crook of the Arm with Short Handles

MAB on the Shoulder with Short Handles

MAB on the Shoulder with Shoulder Strap

Counting Down for the Bus Departure
....Tick Tock...

Charlie Wants to Show You the Treats She Bought 
for BF and His Dad

Charlie's Guarding the Cinnabons with her LIFE!!! LOL

YAY! The Bus is HERE...Let's Roll OUT!!!

Back at the House...Waterproofing Charlie 
so her skin stays strong and resilient against the elements.

Just About Ready for an Evening Out for Dinner.


Nail Polish: 
Glimmer by Erica I Heart You 
over Essie Fancy Delancy


... Hey Dr. Nick!!! 


Salad, Fried Mushrooms, and Pasta
Good Ol' Country Cooking. Delicioso!

Heading Back Home With A Full Belly.

The Buddha Feels Good.

As Does Charlie!

In Her Resting Place for the Night...
Goodnight Charlie!!!

Good night Lovies...
Til Next Time!!!


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