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Bubbly, Anyone?!? Rebecca Minkoff Limited Edition Black Basketweave Morning After Bag (BBW MAB), Reveal & Review

Alright, Lovies... 
Let's Pop Some Champagne!
A Call for A Special Celebration

Let's Talk Some Truth Here...

By now, you all should know that 
with Rebecca Minkoff Handbags.

SoOo Obsessive is my Infatuation with RM bags, 
that even my Boyfriend has Succumbed to My Craze.
The Following is a Special Gift from Him.

As I didn't have time to do so when I first received this item,
I'm going to share with you a Minkette Creation of mine, 
 that was SEVEN (7!!!) MONTHS in the making!

Without Further a RAVISHING REVEAL,

Welcome to the Family:

The Hottest MAB on the Block

A Rebecca Minkoff Special Order with TPF
Black Basketweave Morning After Bag
Black Pebbly Cow Leather, Deeply Embossed Black Basketweave, 
Blood Red Zipper Tape, Gunmetal Hardware, Square-Rings,
Black & White Floral Essence Lining,  
Hexagonal Feet, Old-Style Strap with Lobster Clasps,
Long Finished Tassels...

I Say, GOD DAMN!!!
(lol Don't You Just LOVE Pulp Fiction!)

She's Simply Ravishing!

When My Package came, I didn't hear the door bell.
But when I thought I heard the postal truck pull off, 
I ran to my front door and saw the "Missed Delivery" Notice.
But I could see the Postman driving down the street, 
so I put on my shoes and chased down the Postal Truck!!!
Talk about DESPERATE!!! 
4 blocks and one 15 minute wait later 
til the Postman finished her rounds... 

Oooh Man!!! Was This Well Worth the Hassle.

Ran Back Home in Anticipation of My NEW PURSE!!!

 This Post is Picture HEAAAAAVY!!! 

Pulling this MAB out of the Box, 
I can Instantly Smell the Delicious RM Leather Smell!!!

Top Views!!!

Deep Blood Red Zipper Track
Deep Basketweave Stamping
Sexy & Sleek Gunmetal Hardware...

It Doesn't Get Better Than This!



Top-Close Up!

The Combination of 
Soft Pebbled Black Leather, Structured Textured Basketweave, 
Gunmetal Hardware, & Blood Red Zipper Tape is 
 Rocker Chic!  

The Zipper Pulls are my much preferred older RM Zipper Pulls which are thick and substantial (used 2008-2010, exception for special requests for Special Orders such as this one).  These older zipper pulls are not flimsy like Rm's newer and cheaper "swivel" zipper pulls (made/used 2011 seasons and forward).

Zipper Track Teeth are Antique Nickel, Not Gunmetal.

Super Soft Leather Tassels with a Velvety Brushed Leather Underside, 
and Finished Ends with small Gunmetal Rings and Stud! PERFECTION!!!


The Basketweave on the Bottom of the Bag is Extraodinary! 
Look at this Phenomenal Embossment!
Gunmetal Hexagonal Feet are Sleek.  

With a Base measurement of 14" x 10" x 9", this MAB is suitable to fit all of your daily needs. The bag slowly tapers inward from bottom to top, making it a less boxy shape, more shapely to fit comfortably against the body, when worn on the shoulder, with handles or strap, and in the crook of the arm.

Beautiful Essence Lining (B&W Floral). 
I knew this lining would be Dashing against the Red Zipper Tape! 

Black+White+Red = Classically Sexy & Timeless!

This MAB has a Large Zipper Pocket in the Front of the bag, under the Iconic Morning After Flap, which also has the Blood Red Zipper Track, and Floral lining. 
I LOVE that the Demask pattern on my lining was centered in this front pocket. 
Beautiful Detail. Excellent Quality.

Rebecca Minkoff Logo Dustbag, 
is now exclusively used for all of her Special Orders and Online Exclusive Orders.
Many of RM's older bags came with this dustbag as well, years ago.

All Stuffing Out! 

On the Front Wall of this MAB, there are 3 interior Media Pockets, 
which are created by one large piece of fabric that is sewn into 3 sections. 

This style of pocket-creation is exclusive to RM's original handbag lines pre-2009, 
as well as Special Orders and RM Online Exclusives. 

The top of these pockets are lined with Black BasketWeave embossed leather. 


On the Back Wall of this MAB, there is a very large Zipper Pocket, with Red Zipper Track, a Key-fob, and Metrocard pocket with a Gunmetal Plaque, which has the Rebecca Minkoff logo engraved into it. 

As with the Front Wall interior pockets, the Back Wall's Zipper Pocket, and Key Fob Leather Strap are all lined with Black BasketWeave embossed leather. 


 This MAB is made with such soft leather, it's already beginning to collapse unto itself when the stuffing has been removed. Just Stunning!!! Fantastic Quality.

7" Rolled Handles with Black Basketweave Embossing. Rigidly Stuffed Tubing.  
And Strong Rounded Studs Fasten the Handles to the bag. Superb Quality! 

The Square Rings add a Contemporary Touch to this bag, updating the look 
of the basketweave pattern from a "Mommy/Granny" Vibe to "Beyond Trend." 
This is a bag whose Style and Age-appropriateness is LIMITLESS. 

The MAB is the (current) Largest of the Morning After Bags

The Matching Black Shoulder Strap is embossed with the Basketweave, as well. 
For this Special Order, the strap was made using lobster clasps on the ends, which is now considered the "old style" strap, since RM has switched to using D-rings on both ends of the shoulder straps for her Morning After bags. 

However, lobster clasps are still used on the shoulder strap for RM's Covet Satchel. 


Due to Rebecca Minkoff's appreciation of Special Order Participants' special interest in creating limited, one of a kind items, their diligent planning, and their patience through pre- and during production procedures, those who are involved in any Rebecca Minkoff Special Orders, are gifted with a complimentary pouch. 

The pouch's color and leather, (and, if applicable, phrase), is dependent on what is available during the season each Special Order is produced. This Summer/Fall, the Cobalt "Fashion Slave" Cory Pouch was given to our Special Order group. 
And boy, is it Fabulous! Don't ya think so?!

An Adorable "Fashion Slave" Cory Pouch in Cobalt blue, with Silver Hardware, Silver Font Embossing, and Black & Blue Polka Dot Lining is a HIT! This pouch also has the latest version of a silver plaque engraved with the Rebecca Minkoff brand name on the back of the pouch. 

Notice, also, the newer swivel metal zipper-pull on this pouch, and how it differs from the "old style" zipper pulls on this BBW MAB. It is much thinner and made of less quality than the older RM zipper pulls.

As usual, this RM product also comes with 
Rebecca Minkoff Tags, Care Card, and Vincent Card.

Everything Together!!!



Let me tell you how this Sexy Handbag got her name, Charlie.
When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I saw one of my first R-rated movies, 
"A Long Kiss Goodnight" with Geena Davis & Samuel L. Jackson. 
Geena Davis' character Charlene, has an alter ego called "Charlie". Charlie is a BadAss Bitch, Sexy as Hell, and Kicks Major Ass as an Assassin (that's Double the Ass Whooping! lololol). Basically, Charlie is a tough, smart, sassy woman, and FIERCE as HELL! 

So if any bag of mine is going to reign as supreme HBIC, 
it's going to be my Super Wicked Special Order, BBW MAB 
(Black BasketWeave Morning After Bag).
I don't own one quite like her. And other than my other 9 Minkie Sisters who made this bag with me, only 10 of us will EVER be Rockin this Rare, Hardass Baller!

Charlie...You Go, Girrrl!!!

Photos Taken in Natural Light

Girrrl, I Just Fell In LOVE AGAIN!!! 


I Hope you all enjoyed playing with me and gorgeous Charlie
She is a Stunner. She Shocks Me Every Single Time I Take Her Out of Her Slumber.

Til Next Time, Hot Mamas!!!


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  1. Amazing! I know this post is super late, but as I was browsing through RM pictures on Google, this post caught my eye. The details you guys added are beautiful! Love the basket weave bottom and red zipper track.


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