Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where's Your Mummy? Girly Bits "Mother May I?"

When You're Down and Blue,
What Helps You to Get Out of Your Funk?

For Me, it's a Gorgeous Nail Polish.

Girly Bits Mother May I?
from the Girly Bits Calendar Collection.

Mother May I? is a lovely, calming polish made up of a sheer purple base, 
which can become opaque in about 3 coats. 

The glitters in this nail polish are: 
medium square red glitters, small royal blue glitters, aqua, pink & purple hex glitters.

And, BOY, did this polish make me feel good when I put it on. 
I wore it for nearly a week. One fantastic mani, that's for sure.

 Night Time, Indoors, 
with Flash or No Flash, with Room Lamp on:



Daylight Indoors:

Daylight Indoors, with Flash:

 Outdoors in Sunlight:

Beautiful Glitters in Purple Base. 
How can you NOT LOVE this polish?

Underground Subway Lights: 



Graffiti TIIIIMMMEEE!!!!!!!!


WOOT!!! Left-Hand LOVE!!!

Back to My Right-Hand

My Thumbs NEVER Get Any Love, So Today is the DAY!!!


Indoors with No Flash makes Mother May I? look like a 
REAL Jelly Polish!!! Is It?

 Subway Fluorescents:

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