Friday, December 21, 2012

Talk About An Early Christmas! Part Deux: Rebecca Minkoff Purple "My Goodies" Lissa Pouch & Many Goodies!

My Friend LOVES Me SO Much, lol,
she sent me a LOVELY Decorated Box 
with a Bunch of Goodies!!!

This is our "Not-So-Secret Santa" Exchange! 
But, BOY did she BLOW Me Away!!!
( pun intended, but wow...can I put my foot in my mouth. lol)


Naughty or Nice?...Hmmm, I'm gonna go with NAUGHTY!!!

Cutesy Penguins!!!


Adorable Gift Bags...SO FESTIVE!

First Bag of Goodies!
Tons of PEZ!
A Reindeer Pooping Candy! 
and Super Sweet Candy Canes!

I put the candied poop in immediately and began dispensing it out of his butt 
and eating the yummy candy! Great Job S!

The Next Bag of Goodies...
A Bubbly Santa Picture Ornament Frame! 
An Old School Camera Cuz I don't see a Camera I never Love!
Two Juicy Couture Charms: A Painter's Palette and Brush
and 1960's Style Eye Glasses! 

Cant wait to put my BF & My Picture in this frame to
 celebrate spending our first Christmas together.
I'm an Artist and I LOVE Wearing Eyeglasses!
I cover my self in Paint and Graphite, and 
I'm blind as a Bloody Bat.

The Last Bag of Goodies!!! 
My Friend, You are such a BRAT!!!
A Purple Rebecca Minkoff "MY GOODIES" Lissa Pouch!
This Bitch is GIGANTIC!

The "Lissa" Pouch is Amazing. 
It is made of very soft, slightly pebbled Purple Leather. 
The above Picture is more true to color.

The Lissa stands at 9" x 12", with a thickness of 1/2".
Although, laying flat, the Lissa Pouch is only half an inch thick, this baby is SO broad, it can hold a million and one things. Through all your gadgets in there and run a muck! 

This Pouch has Gold-tone Hardware 
& Gold Foil "My Goodies" Embossing


The Back of this Pouch has a Gold-tone Plaque 
with Rebecca Minkoff Logo Etching.

The 5" Zipper Strap will ensure you have a tight grasp of this large baby! 
So, Go Strut It! I know I certainly will!

A Spacious Interior with Black & Blue Polka Dot Lining

RM Care & Vincent Cards

So, OF COURSE, I HAD to STUFF ALL of my X-mas Goodies 
into my Big-Ass "My Goodies" Lissa Pouch!

Oh man, Look at the doggy reindeer's face! 
Like Scooby Doo..."Ooommph?!" Priceless.

 The WHOLE Enchilada!!!

My Special Gifts! 
I Feel So Loved, NOT because I Got Gifts, 
But Because Every Single Item Here
Was Picked Out Thoughtfully, 
with My Interests & Personality in Mind.
It Makes these Presents More Personal and Endearing.
And I am Extremely Grateful to Have Such a 
Kind and Thoughtful Friend in My Life.

I LOVE all these Leather Goods, Too. 
I Love to Feel Up Soft Leather. I'm a Pervert in that way!

 This RM Gift Box is so MASSIVE
I can take out the padding and store ALL of my pouches in here. 
This photo shows my two new X-mas Pouches together.

I have to say, my friend, 
you have SERIOUSLY Outdone Yourself. 
This was such an amazing gift, and I cherish our friendship so much. 
I hope that it only grows stronger.

Thanks for letting me share some holiday cheer with all of you! 

Happy Holidays to You and Your Families!

Keep Loving Each Other, 
Because That's the Best Treat in Life!

Much Love Always,

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