Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Second Indie Polish Haul: A-England, Girly Bits, & Ozotic

Had an order from Llarowe come in a while ago...

Guess what treats I goooot?!?

These are my firsts of these three brands:
Ozotic, Girly Bits, and A-England

Ozotic 517
A Sheer Blue Holographic Polish 

Girly Bits
Candy Corn 
A glitter bomb of orange, yellow, white and red-orange hex glitters in a clear base. 
Looks as good as Candy Corn is Yummy!!!
Girly Bits 
Mother May I?
A mix of purple, blue, pink, and rosegold hex glitters, 
& red and aqua square glitters in a sheer lavender base. 
This polish builds up to full coverage in 3 coats.
It's Gorgeous! Trust me!!!

A England
(left to right)
 Bridal Veil,  Tristam,  Order of the Garter,  
 Saint George,  Dragon, & Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes) 

Look How RICH Order of the Garter is!!!!! 
A beautiful Magnifying Bright Royal BLUE!


OMGGGG!!! I'm in AWE!!! I LOOOOOVE ALL of These!!!

These A Englands (except Order of the Garter) are holographic polishes.
Bridal Veil, Tristam, Saint George, and Dragon are all one-coaters. 
Opaque in one coat! Amazing, right?! Yea, I know!

Order of the Garter takes at least 3-4 coats to become full opaque coverage with no visible nail lines (VNL), as well as Princess Sabra, because they are both sheer polishes, but they are beautiful, nonetheless!!!

Do you see how deep and rich the pigments are in 
Bridal Veil, Tristam, Saint George, and Dragon?
Absolutely Dazzling.

Thanks for joining me in my Polish Craze!!!
I Just Can't Help It! Aren't they ALL Gorgeous?!?

Now go order these beauties at Llarowe (shop.llarowe.com)!
Fabulous service, Safe packaging, and Fast delivery.

Ciao Bellas!

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