Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Things In Life...

Are Sample Sales, Good Food & Manhattan

Okay, FINE!!!
The Best Things in Life are 
Good Friends & Good Times with Them!


But, a Designer Bag, Fondue & Some Pizza-Lovin 
Never Hurt Anybody! 
Am I Right?!

(This post is MAAAD late, but whatever...)

Running out to 28th Street to meet my friends at the 
Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale!!!

Carried My PassionFruit Devote !

Now, I'm going to tell you why it's important to try to visit a Sample Sale EARLY, and on Different Days!!! Look at the Variation. The First day is always the best...merchandise is replenished throughout the day, but everyone nabs up the good stuff IMMEDIATELY when they are put down. Half the time, you didn't even get to see it. On the different days of the SS, there are sometimes on or two special items that you didn't see before. 

However, the first day of an SS is when ALL the Special Goodies are usually out. 
First Come, First Serve...And they that mean that ish, too! 

For you Minkettes out there who love a great deal, 
here are what the basic price lists were:

Let's Check out the SS goodies by the two days I went...
The first day, and the third day.

1st Day, Opening of Sale. I reached by early afternoon:
First Pic in the Door...The Place is Already a Hot Mess!!!!
Ladies throwing on the Bags over their arms like there's no tomorrow. That's the way to do it. Pile it On, THEN Pick out what you want while you wait on the store length line for check out.
Tons of MAMs and Tons of Hands.

RM Clothing at the Sample Sale...Totally Forgot to take a Pic of the Shoe Selection. RM was even selling two pairs of shoes in her coveted size 10, that she has been photographed wearing many times before! HEEEYYY!!! I know somebody snagged those...

Sample Sale Lizard Embossed Blue MAB with White Piping 
and a Plain White MAM with Blue Piping
I remember seeing these same colored samples at My First RM Sample Sales in Fall 2011 and May 2012. Some styles make the rounds, some there are so few of, they get sold immediately and they are done. I love that about sample sales. You can always find a one-of-a-kind handbag...Or a two- three-, or five-of-a-kind! lol It's great!

Oversized Straw Houndstooth MAB with Black leather trim

Navajo inspired Cupids and shoulder bags

Throughout the Entire Week, there was an 
Endless Supply of Varied Totes

A Gray-Blue "MAB Mini Mini"
Now, let me share some truth with you all. I saw plenty of women buying several of Mini Minis at once, as well as a bunch of the same style items too, but you know what kills me? That when you see buyers doing that, you'll 99% for sure, find them selling on Ebay for twice the price or more. I loathe those kinds of buyers. Taking what is fun for a brand-lover, like us Minkettes, who love a great deal on the bags we covet and cherish, and these people are selling what is cheap for exorbitant prices. WTF?! 

Cream Circle Quilt MAM, Yellow Matinee, 
SS Distressed Pink MAM w/Pink Metallic Bottom, and Pink Suede Jealous. 

Distressed Teal Blue MAM with Silver Hardware

Neon Orange Mini MAC

Terrible Mess of a Table! lol All the tables look like this after an hour of opening sale and stay that way, no matter how much the RM staff fix the tables. Sample Sale Go-ers are RUTHLESS. Their Motto: "Snatch & Throw is the Way to Go." Terrible.

Snake Printed Leather Backpack

Sample Fuchsia Basketweave Bombe MAM

OMGGG I Fell in LOOOOVE with this Sample Bombe MAC!
 Pewter Leather, Burgundy Lizard Piping, and Cream Snake Embossed Trim, 
Brushed in Gold Foil

Remember when I said there are people who go to Sample Sales, and buy up crazy loot, and then sell them for the twice the price on Ebay? Well, this very same sample bag was only $175 at teh Sample Sale. Right now, on Ebay, a Seller bought two of them, and is selling them for over $300 each! What the Fuck?! I would buy one, but I would NEVER support someone who is that devious. So I missed out on this.
Lavender Rendezvous
This leather is the original Glazed Lavender leather from 2009. 
I have this leather made in a Devote tote. It's SUPER fabulous! 

As the day progresses, so does the
The "HUNT" is what it's ALL about!!!
Am I right, ladies?

Gorgeous shiny Gray MAM, and Blue MAM

Brown Basketweave Trimmed Blue BOMB MAM

White Glazed Cupids, Leather trimmed Canvas Jealous, Leather East/West totes 

OMGGGG, there were 
TOOOOOONNNSSSS of Technology Accessories. 
I wish I owned an Ipad to get something form this table.
Gray Stingray Embossed Desire
Plum Snake Embossed Matinee

Sneak Peek of what I May or May Not have Gotten at the SS:
I LOOOVE this Sample Sale Bombe MAC. 
There were only like 5 or less of them made I think.

Check Further in this Post to See My Sample Sale Loot!!!

3rd Day, 12:30pm.  
I was there for 4 hours, so look at the Variety and Condition of the Sale items throughout the afternoon.

Now, Remember I told you how the earlier you come, the more organized the tables are and the better chance you get at finding unique items or the best looking merchandise? Well, these pictures show what some of the table were like at 12:30 on a Wednesday Afternoon, and then how the Sample Sale space transformed four hours later with crazy customers pulling, tugging, and throwing bags, looking for their Must-Have bag.

Nice and Neat Rows of MACs
The MAM tables were already getting overturned. 
Hey, gals love their satchels!
Let's Play, "I Spy"!!!!! 

I Spy with My Little Brown Eyes...

Blue Glazed MAB, Yellow Ostrich embossed Bombe MAM, 
Wool with Taupe Leather Trim MAM, and Pink MAMs

Laser Cut Brown Romeo, Viola Paramour, Wine/Bread Tote, Blue Swing, and Beige Tri-Zip Jealous bags
Blue Snake MAC with Shiny Black Hardware! Sexy hardware!
Tons of Lovely Bright and Soft Colored Cupids!!!
Spotted this baby, and Couldn't put it Down! 
Tie-Dye Lizard Embossed Leather. HELLLOOO!!!
It's an actual RM Collection piece, the "Maria", that was NOT supposed to be at the Sample Sale! I really Really REALLY wanted it!!! But couldn't Afford it. 
But that didn't mean I let it go!!! LOL
Plum Snake Embossed Virginia Laptop Case
Cool Sample East/West Tote

A Glorious Round-Up of Desire bags...LOVE THEM!!!
Desire, Matinee, Paramour, and tons of shoulder bags
Black Matinees, Blue Cupids, and Bright Pink/Bright Orange/Brown Tribal Desires


Now, there are much less Techy Accessories on the 3rd day, 
than there were on the 1st day of the Sample Sale...
Gotta get what you can while they're HOT!
This Lucky Gal spotted and nabbed a Shiny Black Quilted Matinee with Gold Spikes!
You see, sometimes it's just the luck of the draw...there was only that one just laying there!

OMGGG..Purple Patent Rendezvous...OOOHHH!!!

TOOONS of can see the Black Stingray Covet. 
I bought this at the SS in Fall 2011. It's Fabulous. 
So many of them were available at this Fall 2012 SS too!

Multi-colored Weaved Bombe MAM

Canvas Striped MAMs with Leather Trims
Sample Jealous bag in Lizard embossed Burgundy in the center!
Sneak Peek of an Ikat Canvas MAM with Black leather trim on the top left, Canvas Cheetah Print MAMs on the Top right, Brushed Gold Snake Embossed MAM on lower left, and Cream adn Brown Basketweave MAM on the bottom right.
 First Time I had EVER seen a Market Tote in Real Life! 
White Snake Embossed Bombe MAM with Black Patent Leather Trim
I was OBSESSED I tell You, 
WOW, now THIS was A FIND!!!!
FAWN RENDEZVOUS! (bottom bag) Excellent Leather. 
After 10 minutes, this, too, was GONE!
And then there also was a Bronze leather Rendezvous (top bag), lol
GORGEOUS Brown Laser Cut Floral MAM

Sample Bags and Backpack!

Pebbled Bright Pink "Desire"

Sample Sale "Jealous"

Extremely Cute Mini Flirty

On the third day, the only pouches I saw available for the 4 hours I was there, were these beautiful "Cory" pouches in Slate Gray and in gorgeous Grayish Peach. 
And there were some scratched up brown PVC pouches too. Terrible. I hate how customers just throw around these items. A lot of the products get damaged because of this.

First Time EVER I tried on a Black Matinee. 
The leather was so smooth and soft.

Ostrich Embossed Cream Bombe Mac, Brushed in Gold Foil. It was very pretty.

Stunning Brown MAM with Laser Etched Flowers on the Trim and Base! 
GORGEOUS, and Super Duper SOFT!

Buttery Soft White "Paramour"

Cream Circle Quilt MAM...this was buttery soft! I loved it. 
But, as with a lot of items at a Sample Sale, this poor pretty bag was thrown around so much, it had marks all over. But it's leather is deliciously scrumptious.

Nearing the End of my Journey...Playing with Goodies!!!

After We Hit Up the Sample Sale...
We Walked all over the Manhattan, 
and later went to dinner at Lombardi's in Nolita.
Amazing New York Pizza.

Navy MAM & Passion Fruit Eyelet Devote
Gorgeous BFFs



Pepperoni, mushrooms, Cheese...
What else is in there?

Later that Evening, 
We Played Apples to Apples at Molly's Cupcakes!!!

What's in My BAG?
EVERYTHING is inside Cute RM Pouches!!!

 Sample Sale Loot 

Distressed Glazed Orange Pyramid Studded Kerry Pouch 
w/Black & Blue Polka Dot Lining

"Show Me the Money" Cory Pouch 
w/ Brown & Black Kiss Lining

Wine Pouch 
w/Black & White Floral (Essence) Lining


Few Days later, on Friday the 16th, 
A couple Girlfriends came into the City for the Day!!! YAY!!!
They hit up the RM SS, and then we met for 
Wine & Cheese at Artisanal...YUMMM
Great times with these two lovely gals! 

And they had RM SS GOODIES!!!
One found a Large Spiked Black Affair and the other a fabulous Rich Brown MAM with Floral laser cut etching...WOW is that baby soft! Suits this lady perfectly. It's just as sweet as she is!
See if you can find the picture I took of it two days before's STUNNING!!!
Lol, if not, here is the pic again! LOL

Hanging Out with My Girls at Bergdorf's! 

I LOVE Crystal Fox fur 
(have it in ear muffs and fur trim gloves)...
so I HAD to try on this Crystal Fox Trapper Hat 
with Golden Bronze Leather Headcap!!!
It's flippin FABULOUS!!!! If ONLY I could Afford it!
I'd be rockin' this hat even in bed!
What? You think I won't? Psshh...Girrrrl! LOL

Look at ALL those Celine Bags in the background? 
I'll be honest, I DID NOT even SEE them!!! Til I looked through these pictures! 
Damn, I so would have played with them!

I don't know what the heck this was, 
but it's Funky, and tried it on for kicks!
I Look Crazy!

First Time I EVER played with Balenciaga!!! 
SOOO NEED this "Town" in Lagon with Giant Rose Gold HW!
Shoot, I'll even take the CITY!!! *Wink Wink*

Balenciaga FW12 "Town" in Lagon Lambskin and G12 RGH

After having fun galavanting all over 5th Avenue, we went to look at the HUMONGOUS Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. And the day was over. I miss my friends.

OMGGGGG That was an AWESOME Week!!!

Check back later for more fun!!!


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