Thursday, December 20, 2012

Talk About An Early Christmas! Part Un: Rebecca Minkoff "The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle. 2013" Erin Pouch


Surprises are a Girl's Best Friend
Third Only to Diamonds and Purses!!!


I received a very 
Happy Early Christmas Gift
My Sweet Friend,
Who Sent Me Something 
Terribly ADORABLE!

Let's Do a Little Reveal, Shall We?

Rebecca Minkoff
 "The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle" 
2012 Erin Pouch

I've spent over a year searching for the 2011 Cory Pouch version, and I must say, 
"Daaamn, This Pouch is FABULOUSSSS!!!"
Can I get an "AMEN"?! LOL

It's so lovely to have loving people in our lives 
that look out for you and keep you in their thoughts. 

I know this year has been gravely difficult for many people, 
including myself. A year of grief, devastations, and transitions. 

I've learned that if you stay hopeful and work toward your goals, they will happen. It's the belief in ourselves and the effort we put into our lives and well being 
that make us stronger.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people who help us to grow
helps make us better people. Humanity is what we make of it.
And who we are as individuals, our thoughts and actions, 
reflect greatly on who we are as mankind. 

That said, onto the Shallow Obsessions...haha!

This Rebecca Minkoff "The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle" 2012 Erin Pouch, 
is the medium size to RM's original 3 pouches, which are as follows: 
Cory being the smallest at 4"x5.5", 
Erin the medium size at 6"x8.5", and 
Kerry being the largest pouch at 7"x9".

All of which are 1/4" thick laying flat, without stuffing. However, these pouches can generously fit your items, as the pouches can expand quite large within it's midsection. When fully stuffed, they resemble something like a pot belly! lol 
Too Cute!

I love of these pouch sizes, and they are all very useful. I mostly use my Cory and Erin pouches, and believe me, I overstuff my pouches on a daily basis! 
Nothing like a full stomach to keep you cheerful! Haha!

This pouch is made of Italian black leather, with gold-tone hardware.

The Front of the pouch has a phrase written in gold-tone foil that has been impressed into the leather.  Overtime, this foil will wear away, 
but this quality stamping lasts quite a long time.

The Back of this pouch has the same pebbly leather texture, and centered near the top of the pouch is a gold-tone plaque with the Rebecca Minkoff logo engraving. 

The leather used is a pebbly cow that is super soft and smells lovely! 
As any Minkette will tell you, Rebecca Minkoff leathers usually smell divine! 
And when RM uses a soft leather, you better believe it's scrumptious!

The lining of this pouch is made of a silky twill fabric 
with a Black & Blue Polka Dot pattern. 

Pictured are the Rebecca Minkoff Merchandise & Branding Tags (hanging from the zipper pull, above), Care Card & Vincent Card ( both of which are pictured within the pouch, below).

 Plenty More Pictures for You!!!

This pouch is Just Stunning and the Quality with which it was made is very fine. 
The stitching on this pouch was perfect, the zipper pull glides neatly and easily, and 
the leather used is soft and chewy. An A+ from Me!

I love the RM Graduation Tassel with the Year!!! It's Just Too Cute! 

I'm impressed by the fullness of leather tassel strips, 
and they are just as soft as the leather of the pouch itself.

Happy Graduation to all of you 2012 Smarties! 

Happy Holidays to You & Yours!

Till Next Time...

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